Author: Brady Irwin

Review: Antigama – Depressant

As a member of a Grindcore band myself, which stylistically leans closer to the present than the past, I’ve been an avid follower of modern Grind. Bands who aren’t afraid to push their own noise beyond the well-trodden and safe punk-with-blastbeats modus operandi. With Depressant, Antigama have enriched the genre while sticking true to the furious ethos which plays part to one of Metal’s ugliest cousins. The almost ubiquitous sample intro, as you’d expect, rings in with a very Strapping Young Lad styled Cold War-era advertisement about medical products, with the quote spliced up a bit to repeat “pain”...

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REVIEW: Vhorthax – Nether Darkness

Black metal, and indeed heavy music in general, is in an interesting state at present. We find bands either pushing the furious, blasting and jagged edges, lifting off into atmospheric but wafer-thin ambience or straddling a thin experimental line between the two. Sometimes though, you don’t need to be impressed by either. You just crave satiety. Just bludgeon me, please. Personally, I came very late to black metal in my journey as a metalhead, and I entered through the supposedly hipster route, via post-black metal stuff. You know the bands, you either love them, hate them or are indifferent....

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He Danced Ivy: Australian Larrikins Bringing Laughter To Prog

Let’s face it. Prog is definitely a guilty pleasure for many of us. Admitting to liking prog can sometimes feel akin to perhaps, say, bringing a MyLittlePony sketch into a dodgy tattoo shop run by bikies. Much like hiding the fact you enjoy fantasy football or Dungeons and Dragons to your Tinder date, prog is also that one skinny friend with a large, unruly afro and thick spectacles who is a wallflower at parties. Prog is there, you love it. It’s dear to your heart, but it sometimes feels like it doesn’t bring the party as much as punk,...

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