Author: Brandon Tadday

Review: Chaostar – The Undivided Light

Formed in 1998, Chaostar is an experimental musical collective which explores atmospheric soundscapes, neoclassical compositional structures, operatic vocal stylings and contemporary musical conventions to create an ambience and musical experience unlike anything else one can expect to hear. Chaostar’ upcoming release ‘The Undivided Light’ is an intriguing and enticing examination into the previously mentioned musical landscapes that is set to further establish Chaostar as one of the most important names in the international world music scene. The album opens with a stunning, operatic solo vocal introduction to the first track, Tazama Jua. Androniki Skoula offers jaw-dropping vocal performances across...

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Shaping Metal: Top 3 Influential Industrial Metal Albums

Merging the heaviest elements of metal music with the harsh, power-driven and abrasive atmospheres of experimental noise and electronic music, the following bands have been able to pave the way for a myriad artist in the 21st century that chooses to move metal away from the recognisable and human towards the alien and mechanical. Today here on Overdrive Magazine, we give you three albums that influenced the growth of Industrial Metal since the late 1980’s. Godflesh – Streetcleaner (November 13th, 1989) Godflesh’ debut album, ‘Streetcleaner’ is often cited as an origin point to the bone-shattering, mechanistic cacophony associated with...

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