Author: Brendon Bradbury

Gear Rundown: I spy with my lowercase “i”, something beginning with: Tone

This week we’ll be leaving our gear on the shelf and getting our phones out – this week it’s all about apps, well one app in particular: ToneStack 3 by Yonac. Over the next few reviews we’ll take a look at the journey I’ve been on with ToneStack, how it changed my sound, my approach to live sound and the gear I used to pull it all together. ToneStack is an iOS app with over 45 amps and 100 effects for electric/acoustic guitar and bass. Classic, modern and boutique amps, cabs and stomp boxes, vintage effects and rack gear...

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Gear Rundown: Gettin’ down with the Dark

The Dapper Dark from Valeton is a multi-effects strip that packs a ton of features into a small, sturdy package. You get a tuner, boost, high gain distortion, noise gate, chorus and tap tempo delay. Oh, and let’s not forget the FX loop and cab sim! So who is Valeton? They’re a reasonably new company that comes from the design and build teams of well-known company MI, and specialise in compact effects pedals. There are several different models in the Dapper series to suit bass and various genres of the guitar. The Dapper Dark is specifically designed to suit the heavier...

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