Author: Eric Pefley

Doyle, El Corazon, Seattle, USA

I was not sure what to expect on this night going in. There are a few Misfits songs I like but I was not sure what we would get from Doyle who splits his time between Misfits and his solo project. The music this night was a mixture of hardcore punk / horror metal. Not sure that is a genre, but it is now! Tonight, we were treated to a twelve-song set with music from both his solo releases “Abominator” and “As We Die”. Doyle is a huge figure on stage and with his corpse paint it is quite...

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Dark Funeral + Septicflesh, Studio Seven, Seattle, WA, USA 27th February, 2018

On Tuesday night, we were treated to a double punch of black metal from co-headliners Dark Funeral and Septicflesh. A good crowd turned out on a rainy and cold Tuesday night here in Seattle. Lately, I swear, every Tuesday night has had a big metal show in town. It has been a while since I have been to a black metal show. It is a genre that I have been getting into more and more over time. This night was definitely one I had been looking forward to for quite a while. Dark Funeral was up first from Stockholm,...

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