Author: James Smith

Live Gig Review + Photos: THE BRAVE + Supports, THE WORKERS CLUB, MELBOURNE, 15TH SEPTEMBER 2017

It was a cool September night in Melbourne. The footy finals traffic was everywhere and in a pub on the corner in Fitzroy, The Brave were getting set for kicking off their Ethereal tour as well as the weekend with a heavy start. The Workers Club is a smaller venue than those around Melbourne but the intimacy that it brings is one you can’t get in many other settings. A bar and merchandise to the side and a small, unguarded stage is all that’s required for tonight.   Kicking off the night was Melbournians Thornhill. Having a swap of...

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Live Gig Review + Photos: THE GETAWAY PLAN + Harbours + Jimmy Kyle, Corner Hotel, Melbourne, 9th September 2017

So much has happened since 2008. Obama was elected president for two terms, Melbourne has been named the most liveable city seven years in a row, the Big Day Out and Soundwave festivals finished up, Unify Festival was made to massive success, tonight’s support Harbours formed and lead singer Matthew Wright has not aged a day. In the last nine years though, The Getaway Plan’s hit album Over Voices, Other Rooms is still an album that has been solidified into Australia’s Alt-Rock scene. Tonight is a celebration of that album and the success it has brought the band. Richmond...

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Live Gig Review: DAN SULTAN + William Crighton + The Cool Calm Collective, The Forum, Melbourne, 2nd September 2017

To celebrate the release of his new album Killer, Melbournian Dan Sultan is taking his blues and roots on the road throughout Australia to the masses of fans. Getting through the traffic packed streets of Melbourne and passing The Forum before doors, the line was already backed up around into the alley. It may not have been a sellout crowd but to the fans, it was already known to be a big night, even after the kick off show of the tour in the regional city of Geelong the night prior. The Cool Calm Collective leads off as the...

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Live Gig Review: My Echo + Supports, Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne, 1st September 2017

  It’s not every day that a band decides to call it a day but for Melbournians My Echo, they decided it was time to call it a day. Down an alley near China town in the heart of Melbourne, upstairs at the Ding Dong Lounge is where they will finish their time after starting back in 2011.   People start clearing out at about 10 to 9 after playing a fun game of Rock and Roll Bingo and the fans start coming in to get their stamp and see what will be the band’s penultimate show of their career....

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Live Gig Review + Photos: HOODOO GURUS + You am I + Jebediah + Adalita, The Forum, Melbourne, 26th August 2017

Walking up to The Forum, I was thinking I should have a stubby in hand for the night ahead of good 80s and 90s Aussie rock. Fist Full of Rock was ready for the older Australian rock lovers to enjoy a night of good tunes, good vibes and a Saturday night to remember. Former Magic Dirt now indie rock solo artist, Adalita, came out sporting full black with a backing band in white. A good contrast to pull everyone to have all eyes on her. Starting with ‘Trust is Rust,’ the crowd started to fill up the floor and...

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