Author: Jason Beardsley


I have found myself searching for something this week. It was the end of a long winter and I certainly needed a fresh perspective, and maybe a kick up the ass. Luckily Brisbane Punk Rock Trio Satellites are about to deliver their sophomore E.P, ‘Black Dog’, on September 29th in a fully independent release. Despite recent face-lifts the band has undergone, Black Dog is an uplifting and inspiring modern Punk Rock masterpiece. Produced by former Amity Affliction co-founder and guitarist Troy Brady (Antagonist, In Hearts Wake), the sound of Satellites has traveled to new heights, delivering a world class...

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When the Sleepmakeswaves tour was announced for December in Australia there was an unfamiliar name, to me, on the tour poster. Joining them on the tour will be Rosetta from Philadelphia, USA. So I checked them out and I was pleasantly surprised. Formed in 2003, this 5 piece’s sound has evolved dramatically over the years to keep things interesting. Metal, Hardcore, Progressive, Ambient, Punk, you name it, they’ve probably done it. Lucky for me, Rosetta dropped their new album Utopioid via Bird’s Robe Records in Australia on Monday via the bands Bandcamp store. As Rosetta is proudly 100% independent they...

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Album review: Majora – Aphotic

Newcastle has provided some quality acts over the years, however not since Silverchair have I encountered something revolutionary like Majora’s upcoming release via Bird’s Rope Records. If you are a fan of Progressive Rock, Metal and instrumental prowess, you are in for a treat with Aphotic. Opening with ‘The Fear of Falling Forever,’ I close my eyes and visualise floating in the ocean, like I’m escaping from something that has trapped my soul, as guitarists Josh Pascoe and Jared Phillips introduce you to this story. As I’m swept away with guitar picking full of serenity, I’m so relaxed and...

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