Author: John Davidson

Review: Unshine – Australa

Injecting traditional instrumentation into heavier music makes me think Jethro Tull immediately. Maybe Blood Ceremony, Melechesch, Turisas; even The Bad Seeds throw a violin onto a lot of their material, and it works. Unshine, who hail from Western Finland, have given themselves the ‘druid metal’ tag, which their press release states incorporates doom metal, post-metal, folk and black metal. A bold descriptor indeed – this is their 4th full length, released on their new home Rockshot Records, so let’s see what they’ve got. It gives me no small pleasure to say that this is a massive step up from...

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Review: The Dead Centuries – Race Against Time

The human voice is such a key part of music. Great icons of our time have laid down words that resonate through the ages with deft and considered measures of written, sung and spoken language, a skill in woefully short supply today. But the notes alone can do that; all that’s needed is the right approach. Canadian mostly-duo The Dead Centuries are defiantly instrumental, writing, recording and producing Race Against Time themselves. The nimble digits of Adam Tremblett on guitar, bass and programming with the quick, attentive hands of Bryant McNamara on drums have created a riot of a...

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Review: Dustin Behm – The Beyond

Imagine; you’ve trained as a chef at a prestigious cooking school. Garnishes, entrees, soup; you’ve mastered them all. You get a job at a restaurant with other talented chefs, and by day you craft haute cuisine using saffron and quail, your sea bass delivered by an artisan fisherman who grasps the fish with only the tips of his fingers, playing comforting music to his catch on its way from sea to kitchen. But when you get home at night you make four loaves of bread and stare at them, satisfied. You are Dustin Behm. Trained by the likes of...

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