Author: John Davidson

Review: Mithridatic – He Who Lies Underneath

France has a lengthy history of quality black metal. Counting among their legion shapeshifters Deathspell Omega and horrors Blut Aus Nord, the French have nothing to prove when it comes to the kvlt. Back from the dead after a break in 2010, Mithridatic have decided to draw on the foulest corners of death and black metal to create their labyrinthine murk.   He Who Lies Underneath is a live album pulling the majority of its 9 tracks from their 2016 full length Miserable Miracle, with one coming from their two-track return EP The Hunt Is On. Now with Kevin...

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Review: Scaphism – Unutterable Horrors

Scaphism‘s last record was entitled Festering Human Remains. Released in 2012 it contained so much sexual violence – including a track called Raped To Death – that had I been offered it to review I would have refused. This pathetic, childish sickness is thankfully forgotten on their new album Unutterable Horrors. Leaving the guitars-through-a-tube sound of their debut behind them, …Horrors is more a Madhouse than an abattoir, and while there’s no shortage of death and mutilation, it takes place primarily against the narrator rather than another helpless woman. On Excoriated And Excarnated it’s even a lady doing the...

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Review: Endless Heights – Vicious Pleasure

Some records take you back in time – technically all records do – but some are oddly specific. The late 90’s was a halcyon period for heartfelt emotional hardcore, and before the term ‘emo’ became a derisive insult it was a phrase that, to this writer at least, meant bands like Time Spent Driving, Texas Is The Reason, and The Get Up Kids. This style gets a bad rep for lots of reasons, but hearing Endless Heights‘ new record transported me back to driving my band around in my Ford Sierra in 2001; the world was new and all...

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Review: Lione/Conti – ‘Lione/Conti’

Do you know who Fabio Lione and Alessandro Conti are? You do? Then this is super – please continue larping. If you don’t, prepare to hear the tale of intrigue, madness and power that is Lione/Conti. While fronting Rhapsody for two decades, Lione found himself singing for a lot of people, among them Kamelot, Angra and Eternal Idol, before leaving and re-joining Rhapsody for their farewell tour. An odd situation indeed, as they’d split into two bands who were both Rhapsody, but not really – Rhapsody Of Fire (whom Lione also sang for) and Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody. This was...

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Review: Sages – Sleepwalker

Pop music in the modern age gets a bad time for being vacuous, meaningless, and stupid. This is missing the point a bit; pop is described as such because pop was always what sold above other styles, and that today means boy-bands and indie chaff. With bands like Periphery perfectly comfortable using generous amounts of melody and Black Veil Brides siphoning big guitars and solos into the mainstream, perhaps it’s time to admit that the wall between some heavy styles and the charts isn’t all that thick. For those of you who like a bit of both, here’s the...

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