Author: Josh Bruton


Today we look at the incredible new release from Alaskan metal group 36 Crazyfists. Their new album ‘Lanterns’ is a strong 12-track album and their return to the scene since the 2015 release of ‘Time and Trauma’. ‘Lanterns’ is an album built on the emotional lyrics provided by the distinctive sounds of vocalist Brock Lindow, with a voice that ranges from haunting to damn straight primal and impressive. New fans and old will find it hard not to be in awe of the performance vocally and lyrically given to this album by Lindow. The band have created their seventh full-length album which...

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Originally known as the melodic hardcore band Burning Down Alaska, a name change and extra members later we now have Alazka, a six piece from Germany who have recently added a second clean vocalist in Kassim Auale, originally from the band Breakdown at Tiffany’s. Alazka’s new album Phoenix is a 12 track, unique softer take on the melodic end of metalcore with their energetic guitars mixed with emotional lyrics from screamer and clean vocalist’s collectively. Throughout the album new vocalist Auale takes a leading role in the vocal performances supported by the essential screams of Tobias Rische. Songs like...

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