Author: Josh Bruton

Review: Sparrow – Digital People

Somewhere amongst the early nineties a genre shot from obscurity and became an iconic sound, a staple in the heavy metal library, a metal genre that known as Industrial Metal. Spawning some of the biggest bands of our modern times, many have come and gone through the genre taking elements of the style and building their own sub-genres and redefining the sound. In 2018 a rarity, a Perth born act called Sparrow who have released their five track EP titled ‘Digital People’. This EP compared to their previous album ‘Deathpop’ sounds almost worlds away at times. Described by vocalist...

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Stick To Your Guns & Being As An Ocean + Supports, Corner Hotel, Melbourne, Australia

Today we will spend a moment reviewing the awesome gig last night from The Corner Hotel, a stalwart establishment of the Melbourne music scene, which brought two signature hardcore acts from the USA in Stick To Your Guns and Being As An Ocean. This concert with no doubt provided short yet intense set list’s, charged with positive lyrics, endless energy and electrifying movement across the stage and throughout the venue. The opening band, Cast Down, a hardcore band from Melbourne, delivered a strong opening performance, earning their spot for the show. A bunch of young band members enjoying what they do, translating...

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Review: Asking Alexandria – Self Titled

Welcome back everyone, today’s review is about the latest release from the successful group Asking Alexandria, for those not in the know, Asking Alexandria are an English rock band consisting of newly returned and original lead vocalist Danny Worsnop, with guitarists Ben Bruce, Cameron Liddell, James Cassells on drums and bassist Sam Bettley. Asking Alexandria may be one of the strongest and consistent bands of the last decade in the hard rock-metalcore genres, almost certainly one of Sumerian Records biggest bands. With 2017 brings the return of original lead singer, Danny Worsnop after time away and a break from the band. But, without missing a beat,...

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In our latest review, we look into the Decade of Destruction release by Five Finger Death Punch. Love them or hate them the American five-piece heavy metal band the metal world loves to hate still march forward issuing their sixth album. Formed in 2005 the band consisting of vocalist Ivan Moody, bassist Chris Kael, drummer Jeremy Spencer and duel guitarists Zoltan Bathory and Jason Hook have achieved multiple platinum and gold selling albums. With Decade of Destruction they give us a tour through the history of Five Finger Death Punch with a best of album with some new additions...

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Five Reasons To See Once Human

Metal fans of every corner of Australia, rejoice and prepare yourselves for a metal onslaught from the Californian melodic-death metal five-piece, visiting us in Australia in February/March in 2018. Below this article will detail and provide you, in no particular order five reasons, of many, to make sure you check out Once Human while they are in your town. Reason number one – THE BAND Once Human are a band bringing their own blend on the melodic death genre, a style often being compared to the legendary Arch Enemy, yes the obvious comparisons are there, female vocalist doing death...

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