Author: Keith Elliott

“There’s a lot going on, a lot for your ears to hear, which you pick up on repeat listens” – An Interview With Weezer’s Brian Bell

There is only one band on the planet who can slip the words ‘centrifuge’ & ‘echinacea’ into a song and pull it off without missing a beat – that band is Californian rock quartet, Weezer. They were in the country recently to promote their eleventh studio album, ‘Pacific Daydream’, playing alongside Foo Fighters on the Fooeys’ ‘Concrete and Gold’ tour, and I had the chance to sit down with guitarist, Brian Bell shortly before they hit the stage for the last Australian date of the tour. “It feels great to be back,” Bell started, “Australia’s a very neat place...

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“There ain’t much of a story to most of what we do.” An Interview With Adam Ritchie Of Drunk Mums

Cairns-bred Melbourne garage punk rockers, Drunk Mums, are fresh off of a European tour and have just dropped a gritty new EP labelled ‘Denim’ on bassist/vocalist Adam Ritchie’s label, Pissfart Records. The lads are hitting the road this Friday to cruise down the east coast in support of the 4-track record and I managed to catch Adam in a spare moment to find out all I could about it. Talking about the record itself, he said, “’Denim’ is a hard rockin’ follow up to our last release, ‘Leather’, and is the final chapter for the series. We wanted to...

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“I think the story-driven approach in our writing is very much ingrained in what we do.” – An Interview With Hybrid Nightmares’ Loki Robson

Coming together in 2007, progressive/extreme metal quintet, Hybrid Nightmares, have marked their tenth anniversary with a bang, releasing their hungrily-awaited debut LP, ‘Almagest’. I sat down with vocalist, Loki, to talk about the album, the tour, and what the new year holds for Hybrid Nightmares. “It was a bit different for us,” he started, “The approach was similar in that we always knew we wanted to do a concept album, and I think our writing style will always lend itself to more concept-heavy releases, rather than track after track after track but kinda unrelated. I think the story-driven approach...

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“Twelve Foot Ninja is all about having a bloody good time and not taking yourself too seriously” – An Interview With TWELVE FOOT NINJA’s Damon McKinnon

Experimental Metal powerhouse, Twelve Foot Ninja, is a band that has a way of getting lodged deep inside your head. Their signature brand of eclectic audio pulls you in so many different directions that, after a 12FN experience, you’re left wondering exactly what just happened. And they’re adored the world over because of it. The lads have just landed back in the country, still reeling from a massive October tour through Europe and South Asia, and I managed to steal the attention of bass player, Damon McKinnon, for a quick chat about how it all went. Returning to Cologne...

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When Rivers Cuomo sat down to pen some new tracks for Weezer’s eleventh record, his intention was to create a direct contrast to the band’s previous effort, 2016’s ‘White’ album – “less summer day and more winter night,” as he put it. What he came up with instead was a collection of songs reminiscent of a Grease-like summer love in an alternate universe. So that’s what was to come next. The ‘Black’ album was temporarily shelved and ‘Pacific Daydream’ was born. The lead single – Feels Like Summer – was teased to the loyal Weezer fanbase a full seven...

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