Author: Kelsey Trevan

“Our strength as a live band is reflected on how we recorded” – An Interview With Lo!’s Carl Whitbread

Vestigal is the new release from four-piece sludge metal band from Sydney, Australia, Lo!. Hot on the heels of this release, I was chatting to their guitarist, Carl Whitbread, about the bands song-writing process, favourite things about recording, influences and heaps more! Keep reading to see what he had to say. 1. What’s your song-writing process? Do you all write together, or do you sit down individually to write and then put it all together? “Ever since Lo! started we have written and recorded songs in a fairly disjointed way. I will almost always be the one to come...

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Album Review: IAMSIN – Kings & Queens

Kings & Queens is the debut album from Finnish metalcore group IAMSIN. The five piece was formed in 2013 on the western shores of Finland and this debut is definitely worth the four year wait. The current line-up is vocalist Petter Lὂf, guitarists Conny Segervall and Nikolai Juselius, bassist Michael Mikander and drummer Mika Paananen. We were lucky enough to get to have a listen to the album before it’s release on December 15th through Inverse Records. The album starts off with the title track Kings & Queens which starts off with heavy guitars, drums and bass. There are...

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Aussie power-rock outfit from Canberra, HighView, have released a new single called ‘Reset’. The single comes from their debut EP ‘Take Your Time’. The five-piece is made up of vocalist Matt Faulkner, lead guitarist Chris Krajacic, rhythm guitarist Matt Kendrick, bassist Jack Lovell, and drummer Ray Dickson. Reset opens with a little bit of synth and then is quickly joined with guitars, drums and bass. Both the drums and bass are quite impressive and they are accompanied by melodic guitar playing. Vocally, the track is very exciting and Matt Faulkner is really given the chance to shine and show...

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