Author: Reece Fraser

Review: North Hammer – Stormcaller

When it comes to listening to a new album, especially from a band that I know little to nothing about, I approach it with the anticipation and excitement of a kid that’s just woken up on Christmas morning.  So when the opportunity to review a North Hammers album ‘Stormcaller’ was presented I was undeniably excited. Having not previously heard of Andrew James’ solo project I went into ‘Stormcaller’ with quite an open mind only knowing the general direction of what he was about. Being a long time fan of both folk music and folk metal I was slightly apprehensive...

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If the mere mention of a 3 piece instrumental prog band featuring 2 bassists and a drummer isn’t enough to get your head turning, then I guarantee that after a few minutes of The Omnific’s new EP Kismet you will be hooked. For a long time. The Melbourne trio blasted their way into the scene in November last year with their first ep, sonorous, establishing their signature sound and commanding prowess with many different styles of music, all of which has been further developed and refined in the last 12 months to deliver an EP that stands as a...

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