Author: Varunia Khan

Review: Sinistro – Sangue Cassia

In this article I’ll be reviewing Sinistro’s ‘Sangue Cassia’, released January 5th via Season of Mist. Sinistro are a Portuguese band that formed in 2011, Sinistro consists of members Patricia Andrade’s vocals, Fernando Matias on keyboard & bass, Ricardo Matias & Rick Chain on guitar, as well as Paulo Lafaia on drums. This band can be difficult to place when it comes to genre but I’ll try my best, Sinistro is a fusion of doom, rock, ambient, & almost post-metal in nature, with erotic enchanting vocals from Andrade accompanied by masterful instrumental work. When I read in their bio...

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Review: King Goat – Conduit

King Goat are a progressive doom metal band from Brighton, UK, who formed in 2012, members are Anthony ‘Trim’ Trimming on vocals, Reza G on bass, Jon Wingrove on drums, then on guitars Petros Sklias (lead) as well as Joe Parson (rhythm), with four released works, ‘Atom’ (2013), a self-titled EP ‘King Goat’ (2013), a re-released single ‘Nuclear Messiah’ (2014), & finally, ‘Conduit’ (2016), the album I’ll be having the pleasure of reviewing in this article. Flight of the Deviants, the first track of the album, is a brutally beautiful, example of applying contrast utilising clean yet powerful vocals...

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