Author: Tanner Wilson

Review: Arkona – Khram(Xpam)

Khram, the first release from Moscow based Arkona in four years, sees the band continuing to sharpen their black metal side with sophisticated results. While some of Arkonas’ early work was a more accessible folk driven style, Khram, is a blackened arcane trip alight with tribute to their pagan heritage while simultaneously delving deeper into darker territories producing nine raw, yet, refined tracks. Continuing thematically in much the same vein as each of its seven predecessors Khram (which translates into The Temple) is rich with themes of Slavic mythology. Khram, in comparison to its predecessor, Yav, sees the band...

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Review: Harakiri For The Sky – Arson

The fourth offering, Arson, from Austrian post-black duo Harakiri for the Sky picks up where their last release, III: Trauma, left off and is truly something to behold. Each of the seven lengthy songs adds to the bleak emotional journey that comprises Arson. While post-black metal is hardly a new sub-genre HaraKiri for the Sky (HKFTS) once more proves they can breath new life into this melancholic strain of dark music giving it a familiar and novel feeling all at once. Many bands struggle to provide a balance between emotive and raw elements but such is not the case...

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Review: Phendrana – Sanctum Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Phendrana is a one-man atmospheric post-black metal project laced with progressive, folk and rock influences producing infectiously catchy results. Mexico City based mastermind Anuar Salum, 17, has not only created an impressive concept album in Sanctum Sic Transit Gloria Mundi but also a style which stands out as uniquely his own. Each of the seven tracks on Sanctum Sic Transit Gloria Mundi step the listener through a well crafted concept album revolving around the theme of a sacred place in which lost souls are sheltered. The album opens with Sanctum an excellently crafted nine minute post black metal piece...

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