Author: Trent Cornell

Album review – The Reign by Hinder

Oklahoma Hall of Famers and American rock band Hinder have released their sixth studio album, The Reign, the second to feature vocalist Marshal Dutton. Their sound has definitely evolved since former vocalist Austin Winkler left the outfit in 2013, and with The Reign they dug deeper than they have before to express the emotional struggles that come as part of the package of the ‘rock and roll life.’ They say that, “The constant emotional expenditure that an artist must do in order to always be creating and the ups and downs of a career in music tends to lead...

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INTERVIEW: Jesse Hooper of Killing Heidi – Reformation and 20th anniversary Australian tour

Hailing from Violet Town, Victoria, Killing Heidi is an Australian rock band that made huge waves during the 90s. Initially formed as a folk-pop duo by siblings Ella (lead vocals/backing vocals) and Jesse Hooper (guitar/backing vocals), the band went on to release three studio albums, of which Reflector reached Number 1 on the ARIA Albums Charts. With titles like ‘Mascara,’ ‘Outside of Me,’ ‘I Am,’ ‘Weir,’ and ‘Live Without It’ leading the way, they quickly amassed a cult-like following that had fans swarming in droves to see them play live. The 2000 ARIA Music Awards saw Killing Heidi reap...

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Album Review: In This Moment – Ritual

In This Moment are a heavy metal outfit hailing from Los Angeles, California, and they’ve recently dropped their sixth studio album, “Ritual”. Lead vocalist, Maria Brink says the album is less sexualised than their previous releases saying, “I wanted to show people and definitely women a different side of strength in me, a really powerful force in me that didn’t need the sexual part, so there’s definitely a more serious overtone … a more serious, deeper side of us.” In This Moment is comprised of members Brink (lead vocals), Chris Howorth (lead guitar), Travis Johnson (bass), Randy Weitzel (guitar),...

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