Big Sale For Invisible Ink Marked Cards

Some of you, of course, was attracted to the word SALE, some of you came here with the intention to become the life of a party by pulling some tricks on people using cards, right? And some are here confused as to what Invisible Ink Marked Cards are??

To clear out the thick let’s begin with the basics as in let’s talk about what invisible ink marked cards are?

The invisible ink marked card as the name is pointing towards a card that has markings on it using an invisible ink which can very well be termed as luminous ink too. This ink generally is a product received by working on the physical(the colour spectrum) and chemical realms(chemical reactions involved) together.

The invisible ink marked cards are like any other marked poker cards used basically for tricking or cheating. When the markings are put on the backside of the card those are not at all visible via our naked eyes. The marks can be looked upon using the special instruments like contact lenses or glasses made specifically for this purpose. Being in advantage because of this invisibility factor it(invisible ink marked cards) has become sensational merchandise in the poker industry for sure.

We have this sensational, hot and sizzling poker merchandise on sale on our website some of the best types of products under Invisible Ink Marked Cards for sale available with us are :

  1. Fournier Method Playing Cards: These are one of the types of Invisible Ink Marked Cards which are marked using machines on their back in the supervision of professionally skilled technicians. The quirky part of these cards is that the mark can be on the backside but also they can have invisible ink marks on the four sides of the deck.
  2. Bicycle Ultimate Invisible Ink Marked Cards: They are mostly manufactured or prepared using the original card and then marking on the back of the originals with the luminous ink. The ink is not visible to naked eyes so lenses and glasses are used as per convenience.
  3. Modiano Texas Holdem Plastic Luminous Ink Marked Cards: These are other types of the invisible ink marked cards and the mark or the point that allows anyone to win using them is only visible in these cards when a special device aid specifically made for them is brought into use. It is one of the oldest brands available till date that holds on to the old age-long tradition of poker in all fun and memory.
  4. Bee Tricking Playing Invisible Ink Marked Cards: They are made out of paper thus, of course, making them less durable. But, on the other hand, it’s soft feel is preferred by players all around. These marked cards are made out of Bee poker that is straight away imported from the USA.

Above were the references of a few Invisible Ink Marked Cards deck available on sale on the site for users who like amusement, fun and of course a sprinkle of trickery!

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