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Bio-Shocker – Skunk Odor Eliminator


Animal odors can be some of the toughest to eliminate from clothing and other surfaces. They can set into the fabric or soak into porous materials and linger for a long time without the proper treatment. There are a few ways to get rid of animal odors of various types that are safe for humans and animals while doing an effective job at powering away the odor’s source. If you are looking for a solution for animal odors such as a skunk odor eliminator, you can try these options so you can refresh fabrics and surfaces without dangerous or harsh chemicals.

Pet Supplies

One common issue that pets or livestock create is tough lingering odors on their equipment and supplies. For example, horse tack and equipment will develop a strong smell over time, such as pet beds and even leashes. You can get rid of those smells with these easy and safe solutions. One of the easiest solutions to get rid of these smells is to soak fabric items in water with strong dish detergent. The dish soap breaks up the oils that can be the culprit. If the items are leather, you can use all-purpose leather oil or oil soap. Sometimes, you can use diluted essential oils to eliminate odors further.

Strong Odor

In some cases, animals can be the source of some extreme odors that require some effective solutions. If you have a dog or cat that gets into something dead, you know they can track it all over your home or car and even get it on your clothing before realizing what has happened. After you bathe your pet, you’re going to have to clean everything they came in contact with, which can be a wide variety of surfaces. Non-porous surfaces can be treated with a professional-strength non-toxic product that can be sprayed on and wiped off. You can also dilute it with water to mop or wipe the area with a sponge or rag. Another instance where you need a powerful solution for lingering or stubborn animal odors is when you or your pet come in contact with skunk spray. A non-toxic, professional product is usually the best way to eliminate the odor on surfaces. You can also sprinkle baking soda in areas where the scent lingers for a better result. You will want to pre-soak any laundry items in a fabric safe solution designed to eliminate odors before washing in hot water.

There are many different ways to get rid of stubborn animal odors. Try one of these solutions today and get rid of bad smells that linger in your spaces.



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