Bonuses that most online casinos offer


Casinos can either be land-based or online. Some land-based casinos have taken their business online as well. Such casinos are generally the popular ones that aim to connect to all types of people. Many casinos have also been successful in doing so.

Online casinos provide certain benefits to the players for playing the game. One benefit of playing in casinos is the bonus. Bonuses are offered to different players. The bonuses are offered due to various reasons. In this article, we will discuss some of the common bonuses which you are likely to be offered by the casino when you play games like bandarq.

Welcome Bonus

Every online casino provides welcome bonuses. Welcome bonuses have become almost mandatory in every casino. These bonuses are provided to the players on their first deposit in the casino. Such bonuses may be known by other names in other casinos. These bonuses may either be a fixed amount or may depend upon your amount and you may get a percentage of it.

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonuses are offered by few casinos to new players. These are generally chips that cannot be exchanged for real cash. The main purpose of this bonus is to allow the players to get familiar with the games before they invest real money in them. Casinos rarely provide nay free games but they provide free chips to play the game of your choice. These free chips may be considered to be a no deposit bonus.

Reload Bonus

When you add money to your account after your first deposit, you may get the reload bonus, if it is offered by your casino. This bonus is also calculated as a percentage of your deposited amount. This bonus is provided so that players deposit money more often in the casino.

Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty bonuses are a token of appreciation provided by the casinos. These are provided to players who have been committed to a particular casino for a very long time. The period may be set by the casino or they may provide the bonus as they feel so. This bonus is generally a fixed amount offered to the player after they spend the required time in the casino.


These are some of the bonuses which you are likely to be offered by the casino when you go to play games like bandarq. These bonuses act as a reward for connecting and playing in the respective casinos. 



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