Can Hiring a Lawyer Help in Getting More Compensation For Your Injury Claim?


A car accident can leave you with physical disabilities and lifetime trauma. Additionally, it can leave you confused about what to do next and how to overcome your economic and non-economic losses. An accident is irreversible, but if you believe the accident was caused due to the other party’s negligence, you can file an injury claim and get compensation for all the losses. 

Doing everything alone can be complex, especially when you are already recovering from the damage from the accident. Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys will be by your side and help you get fair compensation. 

Can a lawyer help you get more compensation?

When you file for compensation, the at-fault party’s insurance company will reach out to you. There are various legal proceedings you have to follow. The insurance company will try their best to prove that you were at fault and reduce the compensation amount. Sometimes they also try different tactics to reject your claim. Therefore, having a lack of experience and knowledge about the law can ruin your claim. 

You may say something that the company will use against you, miss the deadlines for filing the claim, not have sufficient evidence or more. However, an attorney can ensure that you do not settle for less and get the deserving compensation. Furthermore, the insurance company will not try to trick you in various ways if an attorney backs you. 

How can an attorney help?

A personal injury attorney plays a vital role in the entire process -from filing the compensation until you get the deserving amount. An attorney plays multiple roles, such as investigator, negotiator, and more. Here are different ways an attorney can help. 

  • Investigating the accident: 

An attorney will investigate the entire case before it moves further. There are instances that the attorney will visit the accident scene, hire a professional to gather sufficient evidence and preserve them. 

  • Proving negligence: 

After gathering all the evidence, the attorney will connect the dots to see who is to blame for the accident. They will try their best to prove that the accident that happened to you was due to the negligence of the opposite party, and they are liable. 

  • Proving all the economic and non-economic damages: 

The attorney will gather all the evidence from various medical reports and more to prove all your economic and non-economic damages. 

  • Negotiating the settlement: 

To ensure the insurance company does not influence you to settle for the less amount, the attorney will talk to the insurance adjuster on your behalf and ensure a fair compensation amount that recovers all the damages. 

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