Car Accidents During Snowfall: Where Does Liability Fall On?


Car accidents can occur because of poor visibility due to snow and other winter weather. Determining liability in this type of accident involves looking into several factors. 

If you sustained injuries in a car accident because of a negligent driver who was driving in the snow, you may be eligible for compensation. An experienced Car Accident Lawyer Grand Junction will help you understand your legal options. 

The Impact of Snow on Road Visibility

Because of snow, drivers may find it hard to see the road and the vehicles nearby. Road visibility is affected by falling snow and the snow that piles up on the ground that might be blown into vehicles and into their windshields. With light snow, road visibility can be reduced to half a mile.
Moreover, snow impacts depth-of-field and contrast in the visibility of the driver when hit with a certain amount of light. Depth perception can be impaired by flat light when skies are overcast, making it hard to determine the distance of an object, including another vehicle.

Every Driver Has a Duty of Care No Matter the Weather Conditions

Being behind the wheel with poor visibility is dangerous. But, drivers can anticipate snow and other weather events, so refraining from driving under these conditions will help them avoid an accident. However, those who truly need to get on the road during snowfall have a duty of care to other drivers to try and avoid a crash. This is the reason drivers should take certain measures or risk facing the consequences of their negligence if a collision happens.

Filing a Car Accident Injury Claim

Since drivers are expected to take safety precautions when on the roadway, it can be straightforward to determine liability for an accident that results from snowy conditions. Car accidents during the coldest months of the year are often caused by speeding, impaired driving, following too closely, sudden braking, and distracted driving. Drivers who engage in these acts are held liable for the damages they cause to others. If you are a victim of one of these drivers, a reputable attorney can help determine fault and fight for your rights.  

When choosing an attorney, go for one wo has been helping car accident victims for years and has recovered significant amounts of compensation for their clients. They don’t charge you anything upfront or while they work to build your case. Your attorney should only get paid if they recover compensation for you. 

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