Car Phone Holder: How to Choose the Right Device?


A secure and comfortable phone position in the car is probably the last thing you think of when hire a 9 seater Slough for a family trip. However, this question is also very important.

A huge number of modern drivers simply can’t do without their favorite smartphone or tablet on the road. It’s not just about the need to make calls or write messages – the phone can simultaneously act as a navigator, display maps, give some tips, and help find the nearest service stations.

When you travel in a hire car in an unfamiliar city without a navigator, it’s your smartphone that will help you get to the desired destination. For all this, the phone must still be in close proximity. If we are talking about a navigator or maps, then the device must be placed in front of your eyes. So, for such purposes, a variety of car phone holders are provided.

They differ in many ways, but their main difference is the method and place of installation. Check all the options and choose what suits you best…

Magnetic holders

The magnetic holder appeared on the market relatively recently, although it managed to attract a solid audience of drivers. These are small stands where a neodymium magnet is used as the main component.

The magnetic holder is completed with a metal ring or tape. They need to be installed on the tablet or smartphone itself. The idea of ​​fixing is the interaction of the metal with the magnet. As soon as they come close, a strong fixation occurs. These mounts are suitable for placement on the center console or dashboard.

The advantage of the magnetic holder is that it allows 360-degree rotation of the gadget without additional structural elements. In this case, the surface of the phone itself won’t suffer. Practice shows that magnetic mounts are better suited for driving on good roads. With strong vibrations, the magnet may simply not withstand, and the smartphone will eventually fly off.

Windshield holders

Usually, such phone-holders are made in the form of a vacuum suction cup. There are also options with adhesive tape, but if you hire a car, this method is not recommended. Its disadvantage is the traces that remain after removing the tape.

Glass holders are mainly used when a smartphone is used as a video recorder. Finding a place for mounting is not difficult – the fixation itself is quite reliable. If you choose the right size of the fixing elements, it will be extremely simple to remove and install the smartphone on the plastic holder.

However, when selecting vacuum pads, pay special attention to rubber. In some products, it’s quite thick, which is why such suction cups don’t hold well in cold weather.

Car ventilation grill holder

Choosing a special holder for your phone, which can be installed on ventilation grills, will be a good solution. It provides a fairly solid and reliable fixation of the phone and has many advantages.

Special clips attach the holder to the ribs of the grille. Grill mounting allows the driver to control the phone as conveniently as possible without actually changing the position of the body. After all, the smartphone will be located in approximately the same area as the audio system or the climate control unit, that is, on the central console.

Steering wheel holder

If you want to get the cheapest possible way to mount your electronic gadget, you should probably take a look at the steering wheel holder. The device has an extremely simple sliding design, locks and straps that tighten on the steering wheel.

If you are driving a hire car in an unfamiliar area and you need to periodically glance at your phone, tracking the route, then such a holder will definitely not work. Together with the rotation of the steering wheel, the phone itself will move. Talking on video communication while on the road is also not available. In addition, the smartphone can’t be used as a car digital video recorder.

Non-slip phone dashboard pad

Phone dashboard pad is a group of holders, which includes special elements. They are held on the surface by silicone material or a variety of suction cups.

In terms of cost, it’s the most affordable device, but at the same time it serves relatively little. If the surface gets dirty, the grip quality will instantly drop, and such a panel will no longer be able to hold your phone.

Of course, if you are using it as a temporary solution, for example if you are traveling in a car hire, then this may be a very attractive budget solution.

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