Cataracts Symptoms you should be aware of 


Cataracts: Causes and Symptoms You Need to Know

Eye problems are very common nowadays and the credit for this goes to the screens of our smartphones, laptops and T.V. screens we are glued to all day or at least half of the day. Though we mostly know some of the very basic eye problems, in this article, we will get to know about Cataracts. This disease mostly happens to people over 40, but as it develops slowly so it can easily take 10 to 20 years to show clear symptoms.  

Cataracts can cause severe problems with your vision. But as I earlier said it takes many years to show symptoms clearly, so we should be aware of the symptoms that indicate Cataracts, so it could be detected at an early stage. Know more about Cataracts symptoms and its treatment.

5 signs that could be symptoms of Cataracts


  • Blurred vision


As the lens of our eye becomes foggy or cloudy in Cataracts, so blurriness or blurred vision is a key symptom of this disease. Though having a blurry vision for some time due to working at a laptop or mobile may not be a symptom of Cataracts. But if you are continuously having difficulty in seeing things clearly, you might need to take consultation from a doctor.


  • Difficulty in seeing at night time


If you get difficulty in vision, especially at night time, then you might need to see a doctor. But first, you need to observe your vision for some time. But if the difficulty with vision at night is consistent, then you should take the help of a doctor.


  • Need for more light while reading 


Do you need an extra lamp just for reading? Then you should get your eyes tested. Needing an extra bright light while reading or other such work is also a very prominent symptom of Cataracts. Though it is overlooked by many people we need to notice these little things to detect Cataracts at an early stage.


  • Sensitivity to bright light


Though a person having Cataracts may need extra light for reading purposes, his/her eyes will be very sensitive towards a bright light, such as the flash of a camera, etc. This is one of the most common symptom of Cataracts.


  • Changes in eye power 


Another very important symptom of Cataracts is frequent changes in the power of your eye. If you wear spectacles, and you have had to get it changed many times in the past few months then it is a possibility that you might be having Cataracts. In this case, it is very important to get your eyes tested by a doctor.


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