Choosing Between Car Shipping And Car Towing


If you are moving your residence from one state to another then your entire household goods will be transported through a mover. However, if you have a car or multiple cars then how will you transport them?

There are various choices available to you:

  1. You can drive your own car.
  2. You can hire a driver who can drive it to your destination
  3. You can hire any vehicle transport service like Ship a Car, Inc. who has a connection with a wide transport network.
  4.  You may use a towing service for your vehicle.

The first two options may be feasible if the distance to be traveled is within 100 to 200 miles and you can reach your destination within a few hours. For a longer distance, this option may not be preferable due to the following reasons:

Moving and Shipping Your Car |

  • You will have to spend a lot on fuel.
  • Your vehicle will undergo lots of wear and tear
  • You may have to spend on your food and hotel stay on the way
  • Driving through unknown road condition may not be very safe
  • Too tiring and time-consuming too.

So, let us compare options 3 and 4 above and see what are the pros and cons of these two options.

What are car shipping and car towing?

Before we compare these two options let us try to understand what these two options are.

  1. While towing your car, you must keep in mind that here the car’s rear wheels will remain on the road throughout the transportation.
  2. While shipping your car, the whole car will be loaded on a trailer and all wheels will remain inside the trailer and your wheels will not have any wear and tear.

Comparison between car shipping and car towing

Let us compare these two options based on the following parameters:

  • Vehicle Compatibility

While car transporting, a trailer can accommodate all types of cars. However, while towing, if the car dolly is not compatible with the car then it can damage it.

  • Tire wear and tear

There will be no wear and tear of the tire in case of the car shipping option while in the towing option your rear car tire will have wear and tear.

  • Exposure to the elements

Your car in case of an open trailer will remain exposed to outside weather but there is very little chance of dent or scratch. In the case of towing, there are plenty of chances of damage.

  • Service setup

In case of vehicle transport, the service set up is very conventional and straightforward, however, while towing the car may have to face an uncertain situation on the road.

  • Safety considerations

If you compare the two options, transporting your car through a trailer seems a much safer option as compared to towing them for a longer distance.

  • Cost factors

So far as the cost factor is concerned the towing cost maybe a little less than transporting a car but loking at the wear and tear that your car will face, you may end up spending more on towing your vehicle.

Therefore, the towing option can suit only if the distance to cover is quite less.

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