Conclusion Paragraph Examples


What is the easiest and faster way to understand any work? That’s right, to read its introduction and conclusion. Usually, this part is enough for a teacher to form an opinion about the quality of the writing. Today we will give you examples on how to write a cool essay conclusion correctly.

The Best Words to Use to End an Essay

Here we will not write what a conclusion is. We hope this is clear. Let’s talk about types or options for conclusions. There are several of them, and they depend on the topic, purpose, and content of the work.


The most common and easiest way to complete an essay, but not always the most useful. The teachers are already a little tired of quotes from great people. Therefore, you should either try with the choice of a suitable quote or completely refuse it.

The quote should be relevant to the topic, and not break the logic of the story. If you’re writing an essay on economics, don’t quote Bernard Shaw or Goethe.

A Rhetorical Question

First, although rhetorical questions do not require an answer, they involve an invisible dialogue with the reader. After the question, you present your point of view, and the reader can agree or disagree with it. And mentally argue. Cliche phrases to end an essay with a rhetorical question are the following:

  • How not to love art?
  • Isn’t life beautiful?

The Summary of the Author’s Position

This is a good way to outline the main idea of ​​the work. Make sure that the summary does not turn into a retelling. Be brief and just generalize. The goal is to bring the reader to a new level of thinking on a given topic. Or you can use the call to action technique, which is the surest and most effective way if you want to get the reader to take action. 

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