Difference between Dentist and Orthodontist


Dentists and orthodontists are quite similar in one thing which is oral health. Both of them take part in the oral health of the person but they have differences in many senses. As we understand that dentistry is a broad medical specialty which deals with gum, jaw, teeth, and nerves. and if we talk about orthodontists, it is a specialty in dentistry. 

Orthodontists especially work in occlusion, teeth straightness, and bite corrections. orthodontists and dentists are different kinds of doctors who practice diagnosis of oral health conditions and treat them. 

They have many similarities in their work as well. They both focus on people’s oral health. An orthodontist is also working in dental hospitals and offices as well as providing the same facilities and care. They both are known as doctors and also provide help in gums and teeth. There are differences as well according to their ways of performance. 

Differences between orthodontists and dentists:

There are a lot of differences in both of them according to their specialty and work. If you are looking for orthodontics in Los Gatos, you can check websites on the internet. 

Work Performed by Orthodontist:

Generally, orthodontists perform crooked teeth as well as they assist patients with many different issues, including:

  • The orthodontist checks for the facial growth of the child which is jawline and bite.
  • The orthodontist tests the misaligned jaws, teeth and treats them.
  • also creates treatment planning for retainers and braces.
  • Orthodontists do surgeries of teeth straightening.
  • Orthodontists install dental appliances like palatal expanders, orthodontic headgear, braces, and Herbst appliances.
  • The orthodontist also does a pre-medical then graduation in the dentist. After that, they pursue an orthodontist certificate course.
  • additional training is received by the orthodontist which is essential for misaligned jaw diagnosis and installation of braces.

Work Performed by Dentists:

  • Dentists interpret the dental X-rays and conduct them.
  • They fill the cavities
  • The dentist performs the extraction of teeth.
  • The dentist always takes care of oral health as well as oral hygiene.
  • Dentists work on teeth like filling them and bonding them.
  • Dentists also perform treatment for gum diseases like gingivitis.
  • They prescribe treatments for oral health conditions and prescribe medicines as well.
  • They perform teeth whitening treatment.
  • diagnose the oral issue and perform oral surgeries.
  • A dentist goes for a pre-medical degree and after going to a graduate school of dentistry. 

These are the differences between orthodontists and dentists. They both work with the same agenda to provide oral health to the patient but the ways of performance are different.

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