Eight Mistakes Hosting Company Makes That You Should Avoid.


Windows hosting providers are an essential part of any company’s success. They provide the resources for your website to function and can be a powerful tool in increasing your SEO rankings. Read on to learn about eight mistakes you should avoid when choosing a host.

1)     Choosing the Cheapest Option

It might seem common sense that if you’re looking for a hosting company, the price would matter, but this isn’t always true. While some hosts offer incredibly affordable plans, they may not provide all of the features or tools necessary for what you need, which means it could cost more in other ways down the line. So before opting for the cheapest option, carefully consider everything that you need and want from your hosting company.

2)     Getting the Wrong Type of Service

Not all hosting companies offer the same services. For example, if you’re planning to upload many media to your sites, such as videos or music files, it’s best to choose a host that specializes in this area. It ensures that your content can be uploaded efficiently and doesn’t take up much space on their servers. Or maybe your website needs to be built using ASP (Active Server Pages), which is quite different than PHP (which is what many hosts use by default). Ensure you know what type of technology and resources you’ll need before settling on a host so that no time gets wasted later when integrating your site.

3)     Not Checking Customer Service Availability

When you’re building a web presence, it’s pretty often that you’ll run into issues that need to be addressed and fixed promptly. A good host will offer 24/7 support and will even have email or phone support for those times when you’re not able to connect to the internet (like on vacation). If this is what you’re looking for in a hosting company, then make sure their support system is available consistently before signing up.

4)     Hosting with too Many People

It’s essential to understand how much space & resources each member of your team needs when selecting a hosting plan. Some companies allow unlimited users to log one server, which can cause problems if multiple websites get hosted on one server. If you know that your company will be sharing a server, make sure the hosting company offers the best price per site, rather than for the entire team.


5)     Not Researching Them First

Before settling with a windows hosting provider, it may be good to research and see what others think of said host. Check out forums and communities online where people can share their experiences with different hosts. Don’t hesitate to ask questions to understand how your website would perform under other circumstances before committing.


6)     Focusing on Money Over Service

Though there are thousands of hosts out there waiting to take your business, not all offer the same quality service or uptime, resulting in a loss of revenue if your website isn’t available for your customers. If you know that service and uptime are more important than the cost, choose a known host for its level of excellence.

7)             Not Considering Web Design Capabilities

Web designing may not be the most crucial feature to consider when choosing a hosting provider. Still, it certainly can affect how well your site performs overall. Web designing capabilities include database development, site optimization & compatibility tests, so make sure the host you choose has what’s necessary before signing a contract.

8)             Not Taking Advantage Of Their Expertise

Your host should be more than just a storage space for your files or space online. They should offer advice and guidance when you need help building or maintaining your website. It’s essential that you take advantage of all the resources available to you when it comes to web presence, and this includes making good use of customer service (which most will offer for free).

So now that you know what types of mistakes you should avoid when choosing windows hosting provider, make sure to do the appropriate amount of research before settling on one. Remember, even though everyone can host a website, only a few companies out there provide an excellent level of quality with their services at affordable prices. So choose wisely!

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