Extend the spousal visa for the UK at your convenience

Let’s dive into the topic of extension of the UK visa. The spousal visa or the partner visa must require a test to pass. Many formalities must be followed. One of these formations is the a2 English test. This is one of the mandatory steps that need to be followed. What is this test? The a2 test is the primary English test. The reason for this test is to check the English dialect of the applicant. To survive in the UK, the applicant must know basic English. This is one of the primary reasons why the test is conducted. The applicant must visit the examination center to appear for the A2. This test consists of speaking and listening skills. There are many details about this. It is not a very tough thing to pass this application.

A basic understanding of the English dialect is tested. Based on this test, the extension of a visa in the UK is done. So the visa of two and a half years is extended to five years. The spousal or partner visa can be achieved by appearing for the A2 test. The examination center needs to be booked before the test. As the test takes place in the exam center. There is a time-table for exams. The applicant has the opportunity to secure the closest exam center. There is no need to travel many kilometers to appear for the test. This A2 test holds a lot of importance. The results can provide you a visa of five years.

Misconceptions about the Exams

There is a misconception that this test is very tough to crack. This is not the absolute truth. The questions that are asked are of the level of 5-6 aged children. Most probably, the essential grammar questions are asked. To pass this examination, the applicant must know basic English. This is not a very long process. The test and the result are selected on the same day itself. Even the exam lasts for only 7 minutes. There are some aspects of the A2 test. Right after the exam, the results are declared. If the applicant has passed the exam. This will provide the applicant certificate as well. The certificate is approved and valid. This is how the extension of the spousal visa is done in the UK. The partner can stay in the UK for five years. In simple words, passing the exam by the certificate is the primary key.


The A1 test provides a visa of two and a half years. In case there is a need to extend the visa. The a2 test is part of the process. Suppose the applicant is capable of passing the exam. Then the extended visa of five years is provided. The booking of the examination center should be made in advance. Follow these given steps to get the certificate for the extended visa. The a2 test lasts for seven minutes. Just after that, the result is revealed. We hope this article will meet your intentions.

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