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Find the Right Choice of Materials for Your garden Sheds


Metal is the most practical material to use your shed as storage for furniture and utensils. These sheds are rather ugly and look like an industrial hangar, but they fulfill their function perfectly and, in addition, their assembly and maintenance are quite simple. And they are not expensive. However, if you want a quality metal shed, you should opt for galvanized and lacquered steel. Although they require little maintenance, corrosion appears after years, especially if they are in an environment exposed to saltpeter. Therefore, you should apply an antirust or metal paint.

Resin shed

Resin or PVC huts

The resin or PVC is materials that combine aesthetic of a wooden hut and ease of assembly of the metal booths. However, choose a high-quality PVC, which is well resistant to UV rays and temperature changes. PVC booths are very versatile, as they are manufactured in different designs and colors that can be adapted to any environment. This material does not require maintenance, since it is simply cleaned with water, and it resists humidity very well. It is recommended for humid and rainy areas. The only drawback is that if it breaks, it cannot be repaired. You can simply Click here for the best choice now.

A garden shed for every style

Together with the material, the style of a garden shed defines you. Many are made of wood or steel, with one or even two doors, and a gabled roof. They are usually used mainly as storage space, but we can also find other different styles:

  • rustic house , in the style of alpine chalets
  • traditional house, made of natural wood but with a personalized touch
  • contemporary house, in different materials, but with a flat roof, similar to the most modern design houses
  • Cottage in the style of a village house.

And a long etcetera

With such a variety of styles and models, you will be able to perfectly adapt the garden shed to the style of your home or garden. Let your imagination fly.

What doors and windows to choose for the garden shed

Choosing a garden shed with or without windows, or with one or two doors, depends a lot on the use that is going to be given, and what it contains.

Shed with windows

Shed window for storage you need blind looks and the windows are useless. A shed with windows should be chosen if.

You need a light source and also you cannot install exterior lighting.

If you are going to use the shed as a room or living space, or as a workshop for gardening, DIY or painting.

The window or windows can be:

  • Fixed, just to let in the light
  • Withopening, advisable to be able to ventilate if the shed is used as a workshop or recreation room
  • With one or two leaves and small or large, depending on the amount of light you need
  • Folding or sliding, to optimize space

For sheds that are going to be used only for storage or for little else, a model with fixed acrylic windows will suffice.


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