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Five cheapest places to buy property in Namibia


5. Otjomuise

There are long list of things which can be done around Otjomuise. There are several monuments, museums, national parks and other holiday activities. One of the popular attractions in the region is Daan Viljoen Game Reserve which has a large number of wildlife and there are also many walking paths which provide easy access to many different areas of the park. This facility accurately represents the wildlife situation in the rest of the country. It can also be worthwhile to visit Independence Avenue which can be easily explored by foot. You can expect to pay US$51,000 for an apartment for a quick cash sale.

4. Walvisbay

You will find this town on the coast of Namibia. It has always been an important port town even when it was part of South Africa. The area is largely protected by the Pelican Point sand spit. This has the result that the tidal lagoon is the perfect habitat to Damara terns, pelicans, flamingos and other species of birds. Walvis Bay is a busy harbor with lots of ships entering and exiting as well as a large number of fishing boats. There is a large number of Marine species in the waters around Walvis Bay such as Cape fur seals, Dolphin and even whales. The Namib Desert is only a short distance away. An apartment can cost US$50,000.

3. Vineta

This is a very pleasant and charming coastal neighborhood and reminiscent of Wales. It has become very well-known because of the prominent red-and-white striped lighthouse. However it also has amazing beaches which is popular among swimmers. Swakopmund is close by and it has a museum with many interesting exhibits involving animals and plants. People must definitely visit Kristall Galerie where they will be able to see beautiful displays involving gemstones and crystals. As far as eating places are concerned people have a wide selection of restaurants to choose from. There are also excellent opportunities for shopping at the waterfront Platz Am Meer Mall. Apartments can cost approximately US$38,000.

2. Khomasdal

This is one of the suburbs in Windhoek which is the capital of Namibia. Decades ago when Namibia was still part of South Africa this was established as a residential area for colored people. For this reason this area is still predominantly a colored area. Many films are shot here. One of the popular attractions in the area has always been Daan Viljoen Game Reserve which has a wide selection of wildlife and other activities which can be engaged in. An apartment can be purchased for approximately US$36,000.

1. Auasblick

There is a long list of notable attractions in the area such as Steinheim Game Farm where there is an excellent selection of wildlife as well as other activities which can be engaged in. For those who love the outdoors there is also Avis Dam nature reserve where there is hiking and biking opportunities and people also have the opportunity to observe many species of birds. Wildlife can also be seen at Zoo Park where there is a playground and a pond as well as the obelisk memorial which is a reminder of German colonization. Properties are available from US$30,000.