General Liability Insurance is an insurance that deals with the protection of the person and the business from the general claims like body injury as well as the property damage. Now-a-days, there is an urgent need and requirement in every company or a business for general liability insurance because in any mishap it can help to cover medical and structural expenses. The general liability insurance is also termed as Business Liability Insurance.

Insurance Cover

The general liability insurance policies cover the person and the company or business depending on some conditions. If the person is injured due to some accidents or there is any sort of damage due to false practices then the person cannot claim the general liability insurance because it is clearly mentioned that one can claim the insurance only if the person is bodily injured or there is property damage due to operationsor natural calamity. Also, the person can claim the insurance if the person is held liable for the damages to the landlord’s property.

The General Liability Insurance help the person to cover the expenses under the following conditions:

  • If any person of the company or the business gets injured in some sort of any activity.
  • If there is any sort of damage or destruction of the property, to which the person is not the owner.
  • If there is any false statements published against the person or company in order to defame them.


The General Liability Insurance costs differently depending upon different conditions. Depending upon the size, type and insurance coverage amount of the company or a business, the general liability insurance varies so there is no fixed value of the cost due to different requirements and conditions.

The General Liability Insurance cost generally depends on the risk, higher the risk, more will be the insurance cost. In other words, if the business or the company is having more tendency to accidents and injuries then the person needs to pay more for the insurance resulting in more cost. To exemplify, a carpenter carrying sharp tools has a greater risk than a tutor who teaches students by just sitting at one place with the pen. So the cost of general liability insurance of carpenter is definitely more than the tutor.

Amount Of Coverage

The amount of coverage in general liability insurance is fully dependent on the aggregate limit. The aggregate limit is the value of maximum amount that the person can claim according to general liability insurance policy. So, the coverage amount depends on the total coverage limit, higher the coverage limit, higher the general liability insurance costs.

In case there is larger deductions in the coverage amount then the person should cost less for the general liability insurance for the small business because for the small business the amount of coverage would not be deducted as per the general liability insurance policy so there is no need to worry of the deductions during the claim of an insurance.