Gentlemens Club Do’s and Don’ts for Girlfriends and Wives

Group of hilarious young friends having fun after work drinking brewed beer in pub

The idea of men in monogamous relationships or married men frequenting such clubs was taboo. Some women are disturbed by the idea that they may be in a serious relationship with or married to someone who still wants to look at other naked women. Gentlemen’s clubs might not be exclusive social clubs but it takes a special kind of woman, who is confident in herself and secure in her relationship or marriage to be ok with their partner going to strip clubs. However, today’s woman will not only be unfazed by a partner who wants to see scantily dressed women but, she will even go as far as tagging along. Strip clubs welcome both men and women who want to experience an entertaining night out on the town – something that is a little bit racy than just going to a local dance club.  However, there are some things that women visiting a strip club for the first time should know to make their experience that much better.

Don’t be jealous

Strip clubs are full of beautiful women and the strippers can only make their money if they are extra flirtatious. The dances might be suggestive but, they should not be taken literally. It’s all an act. Strippers are performers who just want to please their clients. They are not trying to snag men and they aren’t interested in your man. Men like the attention and they may seem too enthusiastic. Enthusiastic clients tend to tip more.  So, just go with it. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Do not grope the performers

The golden rule at most strip clubs is: “Look, don’t touch”. Strippers may perform suggestive dances but they don’t want to be groped. Respect and make performers comfortable by keeping your hands to yourself. Respect goes a long way.

DO NOT overdo the drinking

Drinking too much is never a good thing. Sure, alcohol gets rid of inhibitions but if you tend to misbehave when drunk then watch your alcohol intake.

DO NOT try to outdo the performers

Dancing with strippers is allowed in some gentlemens clubs. You might get invited on stage to do some dancing. However, Do not try and outdo, the dancers. It is distracting to other customers who aren’t there to watch you but the professionals. Sit back and let the girls do their thing.

DO make an effort when dressing up for a night out at a Gentlemens club

Strip clubs are full of women looking their best. They took the effort to look sexy, you should too just to keep your partner’s attention on you. Take the time to do your make up and get that special freak-em dress on and a pair of sexy heels. Do not show up with jeans or worse sweat pants. 

DO tip generously

Attending a gentlemens club with your partner can be great fun. Be sure to show your appreciation by tipping the women who work hard to keep you entertained. A good tipper always gets the nicest service.

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