Gold dealer Alex Mendieta wins court case (503)


Alex Mendieta is not one to be excusatory about his wealth. This Colombian-born gem dealer lives in a penthouse in Melbourne, owner of Lamborghini and flying first-class flights, and quite active on social media also. But his six-year dream marathon (he started his business in 2011) ended in October 2017 when the police raided his stores and home.

This 34-year-old young man surprises us all time. After defending lots of challenges in the last few years, we thought to share some new enlightenment in the latest of his endeavors.

A crazy year for Alex

2020 has been a forever memorable year, from crazy fires at Amazon at the start of the year to COVID19, this year will take place in history books.

The year started like any other normal year, but despite all the crazy things that happened, Alex’s business empire leveled to new heights during 2020, taking his famous dialogue to a reality “when given lemons, make a lemonade factory”.

It’s been a lucrative year

While the rest of the world was locked down, Online sales attained the roof helping all of Alex’s retail businesses. An increase in the bitcoin price made his European Crypto Exchange record trading volumes. However, we can easily tell the real game was winning his long court battle.

Winning the 3 year-long legal battle

After a long 3 year legal battle against the Australian taxation office, and the Victoria Police. it all came to end with a major win in his favor. Other details are still to be public, however, documents obtained from an FOI (freedom of information) evidence reflect a corrupt joint function involving the Tax office and Victoria police. It leads to putting huge doubts on the Australian government departments.

In Canberra the High Court, which is the highest court in Australia, a ruling was made that 2 government departments are uncooperative against any individual or entity. An anti-corruption police task was made in Victoria, which has helped a lot but it’s been not enough. One needs to ask what extra steps the Australian government is willing to take for these quack incidents will not happen further.


In a recent interview, Alex opened up his deep disappointment with the ill-treatment he received from the fake media in Australia, the police, and the tax office, which is still not held answerable for the mistreatment towards him and others before him. When asked what’s next for the young entrepreneur? He replied, “I have decided to move overseas when the borders open, Australia is an amazing country until you become rich, then you are hated for enjoying your hard work”.

And the real picture is that once again we lose bright young industries to other countries where they will be welcomed with open arms, and they don’t have to worry about enjoying the fruits of their labor. The “tall poppy syndrome” needs to stop immediately in this country to retain the successful businessmen and for the greater interests of the country.