Golden Rules for Successful Forex Trading


It is not so easy to earn from the financial industry as the people think. You have to do a lot of analysis to be successful in this profession. Most of the investors do not know the actual activities that can lead them to success. As a result, they leave the profession if some loss happens in their career. You have to keep in mind that no profession is a hundred percent risk-free and you should face some difficulties in almost every sector. Even an eToro career as an employee or as a trader (client), regardless if you’re experienced or not, has some risks involved.  If you think that Forex trading suits you, then this article can help you. Because today we are going to discuss about the golden rules of Forex trading that can lead you to ultimate success.

Golden Rules for Successful Forex trading

Finding the best market hours

If you follow the major market session, then you know that first 3 hours is the most crucial. It is a 24/7 marketplace where you can invest by choosing the suitable timeframes. If you are a day trader, then try to focus on the following factors

  • Momentum
  • Level
  • Trend
  • Symmetry
  • Volatility
  • Divergence

A large momentum price change happens in the first 3 hours of the major currency pairs. But make sure you chose the best Forex trading software since you need take the trades in a very strategic way. Here are some common examples that are useful to analyze the price moves during a trade.

  • Trading the bounce on a resistant level
  • Use the breakouts at eh support level
  • Use the reversal patterns while needed
  • Influence the initial setup by using the economic indicators
  • Measure the right direction of the trade
  • Read out the candlestick patterns for analyzing the charts

Use the suitable planning

The plan should include the following

  • Taking the profit rules
  • Use the stop losses
  • Visual examples for setup
  • Entry and exit rules

Before involving in Forex trading, you should make a proper plan to compete in this market. If you want to be successful in this profession, try to make a suitable plan by maintaining the strategy and tactics. Thera is hardly many investors who do not have the proper plan and successful in their career. Never try to take the trades without having a rigid plan as it will force you to lose money from most of the trades.

Avoid mental instability

For every activity, you should have a strong mental ability to face difficulties. Consistent profit can come if you remove emotions. So before involving in trading you should make your mental health strong. Because you have to check the chart patterns regularly and make right decisions at the right time. If you are mentally unstable, you cannot take part in this competitive market. Fear and greed are the most common emotions that are harmful for investors. If you can remove it then you will be able to make a good result in this financial industry.

Start with small

Many of the investors use to invest a lot of money from the very first trade deal. But it is not correct. They have to understand the technical and fundamental strategies before entering into the deal. On the other hand, you should make some profit if you use the small investment from the very beginning of your career. In this case, there is a lower amount of risk if you start with the small. Consistent profit will come when you will use the skills and knowledge for the development of your career. Most of the traders do not use the plan and tactics to be successful. So, there is no consistency in their performance. These are the golden rules that can be followed by the investors. When you plan to invest money in Forex industry, you should have the thorough knowledge and learnings about this profession. Hopefully, you will be able to make a good result by following the rules as mentioned above.

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