Great Options for Using the Stair Lifts


An electric stair lift is a device that allows a person with reduced mobility, such as elderly people, to be moved between two floors of a house or a building in complete autonomy and in complete safety. The installation of a person lift can be a good economical and fast alternative to the installation of an elevator or a lifting platform for a wheelchair. Here is the definition of a straight stair lift, its characteristics, recommendations and the principle of operation.

What is a straight stair lift?

Quite simply, an electric stair lift that is suitable for straight stairs. Your stairs must not have any bends, no spiral staircases, no landings or a difference in slope otherwise you will have to use a rotating person lift.

How do I know if I can put a straight stair lift at home?

You should already know that you must have a minimum width of 65 cm. You have to bring in a technician specializing in the installation of a stair lift to find out if you can put a straight person up or not. Regarding the architecture of your stairs, we give you a free and tailor-made estimate at the best quality price ratio. If you need help choosing a stair lift, you can read our article on this topic.

What is the price of a straight stair lift?

It is the most affordable solution in terms of personal autonomy. Regarding the straight staircase is the cheapest solution. The price of a straight stair lift varies depending on your stairs and its installation. This is why a technician must come to your home to take a measurement and offer you a quote for your stairs. If you want more information, do not hesitate to consult our article on the price of a stair lift.

Who takes care of the installation of my straight stair lift?

Generally the installation is done by subcontractors of the brand. Professionals take care of your project from A to Z, from the first appointment to its installation at your home. They also manage its maintenance and after-sales service.

Financial aid for a straight stair lift

Whether you are a tenant or an owner, different organizations can help you finance a personal lift. The National Housing Agency is one of the main actors in the financing of improvement works for private housing. If you need more information on the various financial aids, you can contact or visit the website of the sick and disabled federation

Guaranteed Security

All arrangements are made to ensure that stair lifts rental are 100% secure. The user can sit comfortably on his lifting seat, because it is positioned away from the steps. Once seated, a seat belt allows him to keep it on during the entire trip if necessary.

Easy Handling by the Technician during Installation

During installation, the technician takes the time to explain how to use the seat to its future user. It also makes the necessary adjustments to ensure optimal comfort.

Consideration of Specific Difficulties during Design and Installation

If the user has specific health problems, equipment can be provided accordingly. For example, equip the seat with a suitable belt in the event of insufficient support, a special pivoting of the seat, a sit-stand seat in the event of stiff knee, etc.


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