Green Manufacturing: The Transformation of Traditional Manufacturing into Greener Methods


The manufacturing industry is one of the sectors that leave high amounts of carbon emissions. To deal with it, there is a need to transform into green manufacturing. A shift into an eco-friendly manufacturing project will help protect the earth from further exploitation. When traditional manufacturing is transformed into green manufacturing, different products will most likely be made from sustainable products.

When the traditional manufacturing methods are transformed, it aims to reduce business costs, minimize energy use, and provide a positive long-term benefit for the environment. Know more information about how the manufacturing industry is being transformed into the green industry.

The Shift into Greener Methods

  • Creating green facilities

When shifting into the green technology, one of the biggest and straight forward investments is to adopt environmentally-friendly facilities. When the main facility is green, it would be easier to incorporate energy-efficient equipment. Energy-efficient buildings also tend to reduce energy consumption by at least 60%.

If the business does not have the full budget to completely shift into having a green facility, there are green methods that you can do. To efficiently use the heating and cooling equipment, inspect the buildings for possible leakage. To lessen electricity expenses, utilize natural lighting during daylight working hours will also have a big impact. These sample green measures will make it possible to at least make the business’s facility greener.

  • Choosing green materials

When green manufacturing has been implemented, it is automatic that natural materials will also be used throughout the process. The manufacturing sectors are one of the “destructive” industries. The reason behind this is because they are the primary users of natural resources depending on the product that is being produced.

To practice being green, the manufacturing industry must be able to source out production materials in an environmentally friendly way that will not alter the environment’s natural resources. Companies that are starting to shift into being green started by converting the use of natural resources into a synthetic product.

  • Implement Eco-friendly Products

Aside from making use of environmentally-friendly raw materials in manufacturing, it is also ideal to have a shift into manufacturing eco-friendly materials. For example, if the company manufactures plastics, maybe they can shift into plastic-alternative products that are more eco-friendly.

One of the best ways to start going green is to make sure that the products being manufactures do not cause harm to the environment. If the facilities are environment-friendly but the products created are harmful, then it defeats the whole idea of green manufacturing.

  • Creating green jobs

If the company doesn’t have the capacity to become green based on its facilities, green methods and practices will do. You may hire workers that can ensure that green practices are met. A perfect example of this is hiring janitors. Janitors are a green worker that ensures the cleanliness of the working place. They are also the ones whom you can depend on regarding proper waste disposal.

When a company shifts into being green, there will be more green jobs that will be created. Going green through green jobs in the manufacturing industry is a great way in boosting the company’s image. Going green is one of the ways of a company to advertise its products, especially that there are more people being concern with the environment.

  • Environmental Management System

This is a process or a framework used by a company in helping them achieve their green goals. Through the Environmental Management System, all the activities in the company will aim to reduce its impact on the environment while increasing efficiency. This initiative is great in identifying on what aspect of the company where the green practices will make sense.

  • Inventory control

In the manufacturing industry, there is a notion that more is better. In efforts to go green, over-ordering of supplies or raw resources is not a good practice. There is a possibility that stockpiles of unused supplies will just contribute to waste. Over-ordering of supplies is not ideal, especially of the supplies are from natural resources. A way to avoid overstocking is to have effective inventory control. An efficient inventory tool will help in monitoring, adjusting, and determining the exact amount of procuring things.

  • Recycle and Reuse

A perfect way of inventory control is recycling or reusing. This will not only reduce the waste to lessen the carbon footprint but it will also cut back the expenses. Recycling and reusing are some of the ideas of green manufacturing. Recycling and reusing techniques only require simple steps. Even though it is not that complicated task, commitment is required to be able to sustain it.

Final Thoughts

The shift into green manufacturing is a big leap to achieving sustainability. It does not only benefit the environment but the cost of the transformation from the traditional manufacture will surely have a return of investment since it can attract and retain customers.


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