Hair Loss In Women: A Few Ways To Combat It


FUE quickly became a leading hair restoration technique. A variety of reasons and possible medicines are responsible for hair loss. FUE Toronto extraction has been leading in the hair restoration industry, as its actual meaning is recover, and grow new hair. Women face more challenges in combating hair loss than men. Besides hair transplantation, there several alternatives for women to stop hair falling as FUE are a bit monotonous and time-consuming when treating women’s hair loss. Moreover, the outcomes are also not as consistent as in men as women pattern baldness presents differently than for males. Let’s take a glance here where we have elaborated a few ways to combat hair loss in women:


In Canada today, there are two main medicines for hair growth: minoxidil and finasteride. Minoxidil is meant for females, but finasteride is not for women. It is also defined as Rogaine, this logical fluid or type is meant to be applied on the scalp every day. It’s an antihypertensive vasodilator, so it can generally use and over the counter to treat androgenic alopecia.

This common commodity mainly tends to keep growth on track and to reduce more falling hair, but can also encourage new growth in rare cases. Rich scientific figures show that the use of minoxidil offers higher hair growth rates. Itching or touch dermatitis is its possible drawbacks. Patients are seen in most situations.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)

The popularity of PRP therapy has been rising day by day. Many women who choose drug-free therapy over the other have the opportunity for 100% natural hair growth. The serum is collected from a patient’s blood in our office, which is rapidly refined to concentrate only the platelets and plasma that helps to boost the growth of the cell. This formula is inserted superficially in the hair roots where more than 20 distinct growth factors develop denser, healthier-looking hair. You will see low inflammation, improved blood vessel formation, and the triggering of new hair cells as outcomes.

Scalp Concealers

Scalp concealers are a substitute for FUE hair transplants. Topical products can be sprinkled or sprayed onto the scalp to hide the baldness. On the other hand, Scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) has gained huge popularity in recent years. When thousands of small tattoos are added on the skin, they offer a shaved head look that looks very natural.

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