How does a Dedicated Server Increase Site Speed?


If you want a highly customizable website hosting solution and enhanced website speed, choosing Dedicated Servers is the right solution. When you buy web hosting services for your website, you need to choose solutions that are compatible with your website’s size, needs, and hosting requirements. 

For example, if your website regularly receives huge web traffic and needs more server resources to handle the server requests, Dedicated Server Hosting is an ideal solution. Using Dedicated Hosting, a website is hosted on a physical server that offers exclusive and dedicated resources, not shared with any other websites. These exclusive resources enhance the website’s speed, uptime, security, performance, and reliability. 

Dedicated Servers offer the following features that boost website speed and performance:

  • Reliable Server Resources 

If a website hosted using Shared Hosting experiences traffic spikes, the website’s performance is severely affected; this can also cause the server to crash as it is hosting several websites sharing the same resources. Unlike a Shared Hosting environment, websites hosted on Dedicated Server are allocated fixed and dedicated resources. These exclusively dedicated resources help your website efficiently manage traffic fluctuations without affecting the speed and uptime performance of the site. Additionally, a highly reliable website with maximum uptime also performs well on search engines rankings.

  • Greater Control and Flexibility 

With a Shared Hosting solution, you have limited control over your website’s server due to the Shared Server environment. In contrast, with a Dedicated Hosting Server, you get full root access, providing you with the flexibility and freedom to configure your server’s settings and customize it per your business website’s requirements. You can also install applications and third-party software to improve your website’s security and performance or even remove certain applications that are no longer used. This flexibility and autonomy enhance your website’s speed significantly. 

  • Hardware and Software Maintenance

Server management and maintenance are crucial for efficient website performance. When you choose Managed Dedicated Server Hosting, your web hosting provider manages and takes care of all the management tasks, such as installing security patches, performing backups, and more. 

Security vulnerabilities create website loopholes for hackers to crash your server and affect its performance. Therefore, regular server maintenance ensures that your server stays up-to-date and your website is fully protected and regularly backed up to avoid downtimes or performance lags. A well-oiled website that always stays updated is free from performance glitches and can devote more resources to enhance its speed and bandwidth. 

  • Highly Secure

A Dedicated Server is highly secure than most other hosting solutions like Shared or VPS Web Hosting. However, if a website gets compromised, it experiences several performance issues and downtimes, hampering user experience.

But, since the Dedicated Server and resources are not shared, the chances of your website getting hacked are significantly reduced. Also, when you install security patches, firewalls, SSL certificates, and other customized security measures, your website gets top security and protection against malware and other malicious online attacks. 

Therefore, websites that keep off malicious software and vulnerabilities are not compromised on speed and experience faster loading rates. 

Summing Up

Dedicated Hosting solutions offer high website speed, reliability, uptime, and enhanced security. With a Dedicated Server, you need not worry about your website’s performance as it ensures that your website stays up and running 24/7 because of the large storage space and dedicated resources. Dedicated Servers in India are available from reputed hosting providers offering a plethora of plans and features. Therefore, if you need to upgrade your web hosting plan to a higher and more reliable web hosting solution to handle increasing website traffic, you must choose an ideal Dedicated Hosting in India that matches your website’s requirements and needs.

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