Industrial Fume Extractors

How does a solder fume extractor function?


Solder fume extraction system has been utilized by shops for many years for guarding their employees against harmful welding fumes. When welding, gaseous and particulate matter is generated, some matter is detrimental for the body. In this article, we would be discussing how does extraction work? Read further to more about the same.

What is a solder fume extraction system?

Solder fume extractors are equipment that pulls, filtrate and accumulate harmful matter from fumes. There are many different types of fume extractors in the market, which are:

  1. Benchtop fume extractors

These are pretty small fume extractors, and they are placed right on the bench or work table. Some come with wings, letting for a set workspace to perform the work that is creating fumes. These fume extractors are ideal for small welding and soldering jobs.

  1. Portable fume extractors

These are small in size and could be carted around from one location to another. The tube is placed over the workplace, and the appliance sucks up the fumes and filters them. Portable fume extractors are ideal for shops that perform lots of work at various sites.

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  1. Mounted fume extractors

These fume extractors have a stagnant location. They could be mounted on the wall, the floor, an elevated surface, or on the machine.

Mounted fume extractors are small, effective systems that are best for works that need the tube close to the source of the fumes.

If you want to buy a good fume extraction system for your workplace, you can take suggestions from someone who has already used welding fume extractor in the past.

How do fume extractors function?

Fume extractors function quite identically to a usual vacuum cleaner, excluding these are intended mainly for sucking up air instead of solid material. They produce vacuum pressure using a motor and a turbine in spins to generate power for gathering fumes. These fumes enter the system via a hose, and the fumes are passed through a filtration system inside the extractor.  The filer system is designed with one or many filters that eliminate the heavy substance from the fume-tainted air. After that, the air is blown out through the system for refilling the space with fresh air.

But, each fume extractor functions differently. Some filters can be cleaned, and others can only be disposed of. Some extractors vigorously clean the filters, whereas others do not.