How Does Managed Dedicated Hosting Work?


When you look for web hosting services, you can choose from many options. These include shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting, etc. 

Dedicated Servers are the most powerful option and many leading providers are offering a Dedicated Server in India. When you buy Dedicated Hosting, your site is the sole resident of a webserver. Hence, you can install any application and even make configuration changes to the server. When you buy a Dedicated Server in India, you can choose from:

Today, we will talk about a Managed Server in India and discuss how it works.

What is Managed Dedicated Hosting?

In Managed Dedicated Hosting, the host takes care of the setting up of the server. In addition, the host also handles the administration and management of the server. These plans are ideal for site owners that do not have the time or expertise to run and manage the Dedicated Server. 

On the other hand, Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting, all the server setup, regular upkeep, daily maintenance, management and installations are the site owner’s responsibility. They are ideal for people who either have the time and expertise to manage an entire server or have an in-house expert tech team.

By the virtue of the scale of services and support offered, Managed plans are costlier than Unmanaged plans. However, in the long run, especially in the absence of any technical knowledge or in-house tech team, Managed plans prove to be cost-efficient. There are various benefits offered by Managed Dedicated Hosting in India, as listed below.

Benefits of Managed Dedicated Hosting

  • Server management tasks are managed by the host. Hence, you save time that you would otherwise spend on these tasks. Also, you save the costs associated with hiring an IT professional in your team for server management.
  • In managed plans, the provider makes sure that you get maximum uptime. In addition, the technical team constantly monitors the server to ensure availability.
  • Security is the biggest concern for most site owners. With a Dedicated Server, since you are the sole user of the server, there is no concern of another user on the server causing havoc. Additionally, you can make configuration changes to the server to boost security. With a managed plan, the host makes sure that the server is customized for optimum security.
  • In the age of social media and search engines, predicting site traffic is impossible. If one keyword or social media post goes viral, your site could experience a sudden spike in traffic. In a managed dedicated plan, the host keeps some reserve resources to help scale up and manage the increased traffic efficiently.
  • Being a technical process, web hosting requires technical assistance from time to time. While unmanaged plans offer technical support, too, with a managed plan, you have a dedicated team to reach out to if your site or server faces performance issues or crashes.

Summing Up

While Managed Dedicated plans are costlier than their unmanaged counterparts, the benefits offered by them justify the added costs. With a Dedicated Server, if you make one wrong configuration change, the site could crash or face performance issues. This can hurt your brand and revenue. With managed plans, since a team of experts takes care of these tasks, you can be assured of optimum server and site performance.

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