How to Choose a Perfect Jigsaw Puzzle?


Solving a jigsaw puzzle is an exciting way of passing time. But that doesn’t mean that the game is without challenges. You can have more fun if you master a few tricks on how to select a perfect jigsaw puzzle. Do you want to read more? Keep scrolling;

Consider puzzle size

When selecting the right puzzle for yourself, consider the surface size you intend to use. It could be a mat, roll, or table. The final piece will need some more space and you will need extra space for sorting puzzle pieces and setting up the puzzle box.  But you don’t have to do all this if you have a perfect memory for puzzle pictures. Even if you can complete about 1000 pieces on your kitchen stand, it’s recommendable to have a wider space.

Puzzle piece count

With jigsaw puzzles, there are difficulty levels, more pieces mean more difficulty. For example, the level of difficulty for 1000 pieces isn’t the same as a 500 piece puzzle. If you wish to have a less challenging experience, go for a 500 piece puzzle. But for veterans who wish to buy time to solve more challenging puzzles, you can select puzzles for up to 42,000 pieces. However, you may need your entire living room to solve this puzzle.

Puzzle piece size

Puzzlers with dexterity or visual problems and younger puzzlers mainly opt for large pieces when puzzling. Most puzzle companies offer puzzles with smaller piece count puzzles along with bigger pieces that are easily visible and can be held with ease. These are referred to as large pieces or jumbo pieces and so on.

Puzzle thickness

Always consider puzzle thickness. Essentially, 2mm is the most ideal puzzle thickness. In fact, puzzle thickness enhances consistency when assembling your creation. Besides, such thickness will prevent the piece from bending during the process.

Puzzle dust

Puzzle dust is also a key factor. It’s the particulate cardboard present in the bag once all pieces are removed from the box. That’s a sign of an imperfect die-cut in the rolling or stamping process. That dust can be so annoying especially once it falls on the table even though it’s harmless. Also, some skilled puzzlers may strain the pieces when pulling them out of the bag. If you are solving a dusty puzzle, consider using a sawdust cloth to clean the puzzle before getting started.


Some puzzlers prefer to stick to specific themes. However, others keep changing the themes regularly. Whatever the case, you’ll find a theme that’s a perfect match. When selecting the right puzzle, consider the kind of themes you want. Familiarize yourself with puzzle collections, artists, and brand categories to find the best theme. You can also browse to see if you’ll find something more appealing but a good retailer will spare you the stress and present to you catalogs and even inform you about each brand’s most loved collections.


Images are categorized depending on the brand. For example, with some puzzle firms, imagery may be collections of small images, abstract, high definition photos, great maps and realistic artwork, and more. In most cases, puzzle brands are recognized for specific imagery.


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