How To Get And Eat The Delicious Foie Gras?


The exquisite delicacy around the world for centuries is the Foie gras. The taste of the sweetness and a rich flavor make it distinct yet expensive to afford for the people like us who crave it. In France, Foie gras is pretty usual, but in other countries, it is strict due to the laws that forbid the eating this delicacy, due to various reasons, which we will discuss later in this section. You can buy foie gras online through several websites that offer you the delivery in your country. If you’re eating foie gras for the first time, you have to know certain forms or ways to enjoy your Foie gras more.

Eating Foie Gras In The Right Way:

Moulard ducks produce the best foie gras that you can eat as these domestic ducks are hybrid species of male Barbarie and female Perkin. And these birds naturally produce fat livers due to their migratory nature, and even the accumulation of fats in their livers does not come between during migration or flying thousands of miles. With external feeding, these birds can increase their fat size up to five times the original size. The wild Moulard ducks fly throughout the place without feeding and cover thousands of miles. On the other hand, the domestic ones produce large fat liver, which is flavorful with a silky texture.

Fresh Foie Gras:

You can get the Fresh Foie gras in all available forms like cubical, slices, or lobes. The lobes have a nutty flavor with a creamy texture that can serve as a single slice, and you can complete it after roasting, braising, or searing. You can buy foie gras online and heat it in a pan with salt and pepper to get that salty and creamy texture. To prevent any crumbling or tear, slice the foie gras with a sharp knife is heated and cleaned under cold water. You can pair up this foie gras with any of the fruits, nuts, honey, or home-made sauce with wine.

Ready-Made Foie Gras:

You can get the Foie gras from the online stores or nearby in the form of pate or terrine. It is slightly chilled but can get eaten at room temperature. The rich taste of the foie gras is the sole thing that you will be concentrating on. But to increase the taste more, you do not need to add any flavors.

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