How To Improve Running Performance?


It is essential to keep in mind that there is no miracle formula to improve running performance but adaptations to your exercise routine. Therefore, be it an adequate diet or regular sleep, the focus is on concentration and grounding yourself to achieve the results.

Dynamic Heating

Many don’t even stretch when running. The error starts here! Dynamic warm-ups are recommended, as they help in the flexibility of the muscle fiber and assist in the transition between inactive bodies (without doing any exercise) for the practice itself. They also promote the increase in amplitude and speed of the runner, helping to ‘wake up the athlete’s body.

Stretching is a fundamental part of increasing your performance because in addition to ‘warming up the body, it already prepares or gives an initial boost to your training, in addition to assisting in the prevention of injuries.

However, many opt for static stretching, making a stopped sequence, and may not perform it properly. See with your trainer what is the best way out of your training.

Always Run At A Comfortable Pace

When taking their first steps, some beginner runners exceed the limits of their bodies, running at a higher speed than they can support. Even more for those who do not have body knowledge, this excess begins to hurt the organism and the body in several ways, such as tiredness, muscle strain, knee injuries, and so on.

First of all, seek professional assistance to find out if running is the best exercise for you. Second, run at a comfortable pace to improve running performance.

Choosing A Comfortable And Suitable Shoe

The best tip on how to improve performance! Choosing a running shoe suitable for your workout is essential. Whether for running on the street or at the gym, an ideal couple needs to be comfortable to carry out the activities. The impact of this instrument is so great that many of the injuries that the race causes can be avoided with comfortable and adequate shoes.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Another topic that may seem silly, however, needs to be said. Wearing proper running clothes and running shoes is very important, both to avoid chafing and help yield and not get tired fast. Don’t try to run with heavy fabrics like jeans. It is not recommended, in addition to, in a short time, to impair your performance in training. Opt for lightweight fabrics suitable for sports, both in blouses and shorts; comfort is essential. Do not think that to run it is necessary to be in beautiful clothes, because the practice does not have this focus!

Dosing Speed

Even with one of the tips running at a comfortable pace, it doesn’t always have to be that way. To perform better, it is necessary to increase the speed. Still, this evolution must be made gradually and, if possible, accompanied by a professional, such as a running advisor.

There is no point in knowing that it is necessary to evolve but not knowing its limits and not knowing how your income is doing. For this need, running at a comfortable pace is recommended so as not to harm your body. However, to increase technique and stand out, you need new doses of speed.


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