How to Speed up Your Old Computer?


When you buy a new computer, it works smoothly and gives you an amazing work experience. But with time, the performance tends to degrade and you might need to upgrade it. There are several ways in which you can speed p your computer. Some effective ways that you can follow are as follows.

Improve startup timing

If your old system takes too much time to start up then first check,” Does your system starts with too many programs?” If it is ok then you can prefer to install a hard drive that helps to improve its working efficiency. You should install a SSD in place of your old DVD/CD drive. 

Insert an extra drive

If you try all small techniques but your system is not giving good performance as you want, it means you need to insert some extra drive like Xtra-PC. It provides a large storage capacity and boosts speed of your system. 

Improve and Free up hard disk space

Less free storage space slows down the system. You need to clean up the temporary windows and internet files. Then go to start menu and open the control panel to run disk defragmenter to consolidate fragmented folders and files and  also improve the speed to writing and reading to the disk. If you store many movies, music, videos, and photos, then move them to another external drive. 

Replace the RAM

If you work with 1 or 2GB RAM in your computer system, it will slow down to your system. You need to upgrade your RAM memory at least 4GB. 

Increase your browsing

A slow internet connection not only frustrates you but also slows down your system. You need to remove junky toolbars to boost your browsing. If you notice problem with your wireless network, you should get it resolved. 

Remove viruses and spyware

Viruses and spyware slow down your system’s performance. You should remove this malware by just scanning your system. Keep your security program updated to protect from threats. 

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