How to use Chip and Pin Card in a machine


People can make payment in small shops or large shopping stores with the help of debit or credit card in which chip and pin technology is used. The payment is made under a safe and secure environment. This technology has also replaced the usage of cards having magnetic tape. In this article, we will discuss about the method of using the chip and pin card.

About credit and debit cards

Credit and debit cards consist of a chip, which consists of all the information of the payments in a secured manner. Customers just need to insert or swipe the card on the card payment machine for small business and after entering the pin number of four digits, the payment will be done and the customer will receive the receipt. It is not a simple process. When the customer enters the pin number, a communication starts between the machine and the chip of the card. Then the transaction is sent to the business merchant account. All the payments are checked and then the payment is completed after getting approval from the account of the cardholder. It takes around three to five days for transferring the balance from the account of the cardholder to the merchant’s account.

Types of chip and pin machines

Chip and pin machines are of different types in some of the machines people have to insert the card while in others they have to swipe. Some of the machines come with both options. Here are some of the types of machines, which can be found in different shops and malls.


This is one of the commonest chip and pin machines, which can be found in almost all the small shops and some shopping stores too. The machine comes with a cord, which is used to connect it to the mains. So customers can be served only from a single area. This is a good option for retail shops, beauty salons, independent retailers, and many more.


Portable card machines are good for local restaurants. It is so because if a guest wants to make payment through card, the machine can be brought in front of him rather than asking him to come to the counter for making payment. There are two components of the machine. One of them is card reader and the other one is the base. Bluetooth technology is used by the reader to make the payments. This machine is very good in the hospitality industry.


There are some businesses in which the owner has to move from one place to another. In such a case, mobile card machine is the best option. The machine works on 3G network so there is no need of any wires. People can do their job anywhere from this machine.

Cost of the machine

The cost of the machine depends on the type, which a business has to purchase as per its requirement. A businessman should consult other businessmen regarding it or perform research online to get the idea and then purchase the machine.

Wrapping Up

The working of the machine is not very simple, as it seems. The working depends on the type of machine being used and the type of network to which it is connected.


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