How To Use Digital Influencers In Your Youtube Strategy?


Digital influencers are on the rise and can be very beneficial to your marketing campaigns, especially when we talk about a strategy for YouTube. Also called influence marketing, teaming up with well-known public figures who already have a legion of fans can boost a brand and bring great results!

But it’s not enough to hire the biggest celebrities on the network to get a return, you can also buy You Tube likes. To avoid getting frustrated, you’ll need to use this feature strategically, and if you’re unsure how to do this, this post is for you!

But, after all, how to use digital influencers in a YouTube strategy?

  1. Know How To Choose The Right Digital Influencers

The first step is to think about who your brand’s action personalities will be. There are several options, with new influencers emerging every day. You can choose one or several, depending on how you plan to organize your YouTube strategy.

A good tip is: invest in different influencer profiles for different stages of the marketing funnel.

For example: if you’re launching a product or service (or brand) that no one knows about yet, focus on a reach! So, choose influencers who have a LOT of followers. This is the stage where you need to be seen. For the middle and bottom of the funnel, choose micro-influencers but who have enough authority with their audience. Here, you’ll need to look at engagement and, of course, the issues these influencers address in their channels.

  1. Set Your Action Goals

What will determine the success of your campaign with digital influencers? To know which numbers, represent a successful action, you must determine your YouTube strategy goals and KPIs. Assess how you intend influencer videos to help your brand. Is the focus on bringing more visibility? Measure reach! More comments and shares? Focus on engagement. Whatever your goal is, it needs to be numerical so that you can measure your results later.

Your objective will determine how the digital influencer will contribute to your activity on social media. Take into account the skills of this personality and how it works to produce videos that reach the target you want.

  1. Determine What Type Of Content Will Be Generated

When using influencers in your YouTube strategy, you will have to determine the type of video that the chosen personality will generate. For everything to be natural, it is not recommended to run away from the type of material already created in her channel. Mix with the brand’s videos profile and make the moment something light, interactive, with good humor, and offer something relevant to the audience.

The moment of negotiation also enters here, when you must specify in a contract which will be the delivery of this influencer. How many videos will he create? Or will he participate in some content produced by you? This entire scope needs to be planned and documented so that problems don’t occur later. It is at this stage that you must consider the price of the partnership. Specific digital influencers are more expensive than others, so choose the ones that will be able to bring the best return to your YouTube brand and fit your budget. It’s also possible to invest in lives, appearing live to your followers and, of course, broadcasting all the action on both YouTube channels.


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