Hybrid Medical Tourism Experience may be the Future Publish-COVID


COVID-19 pandemic is showing to obtain fatal for the medical tourism industry. With limitations enforced on worldwide travel, lockdown situations within the countries, categorizing elective surgeries as non-essential treatments and more importantly fear in people’s minds has received a toll within the medical travel sector. However, what matters now’s the easiest method to evolve. The answer then is based on publish-COVID medical innovations and technology is vital influencer in transforming medical practice.

Innovation Driven by Technology

The present method to acquire worldwide patients is complex and outdated. Healthcare providers must evaluate what is going to work what’s really in the publish-COVID era. A totally new hybrid system using various technologies needs to be fully integrated where many of the key actions prior to the patients’ visit, with the treatment and aftercare can be done online. This is when PlacidWay might help by unleashing the potency of digital medical practice. Because the new patient engagement will most likely be driven by technology, PlacidWay’s innovative digital solutions will expand vehicle cycle from the practice and Marketing, Patient Acquisition, Patient Treatment and Aftercare.

The Issues of Current Patient Journey in Medical Tourism

The present patient journey in medical travel is complex instead of relevant. It takes anybody to judge for solutions across the provider’s website, enter private data and provide a request. The business assesses the request, send quotes and coverings, that’s again evaluated using the patient before they visit the middle for treatment. Within our global situation because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this method isn’t completely relevant and time-consuming. Concurrently, there isn’t enough transparency and technology integration.

Hybrid Knowledge about Medical Tourism would be the New Normal

To overcome the issues and downsides in the present patient journey, healthcare providers must re-think about the whole scenario of patient and provider actions. Because of this PlacidWay has innovated hybrid medical tourism solution, which is determined by some support beams:

Marketing & Education

Online Consultation



Marketing & Education

As being a physician, you need to concentrate on marketing and education by helping patients gain proper understanding regarding the possible treatment solutions and exactly how personalized care may be provided continuously. At PlacidWay, we’re helping customers shift for that online continuum of care. It can help create complete understanding management and persona-based care. We’re helping customers to check out the power digital health in medical marketing and education with a few other solutions for example:

Video chat

Movie marketing

E-mail marketing

Social systems

Engaging situation studies

Educational articles/blogs

Attractive center/physician profiles

Treatment packages


Content distribution

Persona marketing

Understanding management, and even more

Online Consultation


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