Metalheads Against Poverty


 Metalheads Against Poverty is a collaborative initiative between Overdrive Music Magazine and CARE International. Founded on October 3rd, 2017 by Overdrive owner and editor-in-chief Bailey Graham, Metalheads Against Poverty aims to raise funds from all corners of the heavy metal community to fight global poverty. Metalheads Against Poverty is a 100% non-profit organisation, where every cent of funds raised go directly to CARE.

How are funds raised?

Funds are raised in three different ways:

  1. By simple donations by you!
    Interested in donating? Visit our DONATION page.
  2. Our signature M.A.P Raffles – Where for only $1 per raffle ticket, you can put your name in the draw to win some incredible heavy music memorabilia, included tickets, CDs, Vinyls, Signed Stuff and even Tour Memorabilia from some of your favourite heavy music artists!
    Have a look at our current raffles at our RAFFLES page.
  3. M.A.P Presents – Every now and again, Overdrive Touring and Metalheads Against Poverty will hold a charity show in your city, where 100% of all profits made from these shows go directly to CARE.
    See what shows are currently being held across the world at (Coming Soon!)


Donations By You!

The current poverty line sits at approximately $1.25 per day. That means that for as little as $1.25, you are bringing someone out of poverty for a whole day. We urge every rocker and metalhead to dig deep into their concert ticket funds and donate even a fraction of the cost of a gig ticket.

Interested in donating? Visit our DONATION page and make a difference!


M.A.P Raffles

Our signature raffles are designed to reward those who have contributed to the charity. For $1 per raffle ticket, you can enter the draw to win some incredible prizes, including:

  • CDs and Vinyls
  • Signed Memorabilia
  • Photo Prints and Canvases
  • Tour Memorabilia (Guitar Picks, Drumsticks, Setlists, etc.)
  • Tickets to some of the biggest tours happening
  • So much more!

100% of all raffle ticket proceeds go straight to CARE, with each raffle being open for approximately one week. So get in fast and best of luck!

Interested in purchasing a raffle ticket? Visit our RAFFLES page for a list of all current raffle prizes!


M.A.P Presents (Coming Soon)

Overdrive Touring and Metalheads Against Poverty are proud to announce M.A.P Presents – where we hold charity gigs across Australia. Our commitment to our love of local talent means that we always aim to put the best in local heavy music on-stage whilst contributing to a noble cause.

Interested in playing an M.A.P charity show in your hometown? Contact Bailey Graham at

Want to know what M.A.P charity shows are currently being held? Visit Overdrive’s GIG GUIDE for dates, lineups and ticket links!

Our media and industry partners

Maric Media – One of Australia’s largest heavy music PR companies, spearheaded by iconic Australian heavy metal publicist Chris Maric.

Metropolis Touring – One of Australia’s largest and most prolific touring companies.

Truth Inc Records – Australia’s premier heavy metal label, hailing from South Australia

Overdrive Music Magazine – Australia’s fastest-growing heavy music online publication.

Overdrive Touring – Local Australian tour/show promoter, based in Melbourne.

The Doc And The Metal Maiden – Queensland’s heavy metal radio powerhouse.

Rocky Waters Promotions – Local Australian tour/show promoter, based in Melbourne.

Rock N Metal News Australia – Online Australian heavy music news page.


Interested in joining the M.A.P team?

We’re always looking for individuals passionate about philanthropy and heavy music to join our ever-growing team!
For further information about volunteer positions available at Metalheads Against Poverty, contact Bailey Graham at