Must have features for a VPN service


Nowadays, the Internet has become an essential aspect of the working as well as the social life that life is unimaginable without it. The growing use and importance of the internet has raised eyebrows for the safety and security of working over the platform as well as the data and intellectual property that happens to exist upon it. As such VPN or Virtual Private network has risen on the scene. A VPN service works for securing the tunnel of the network between the devices connected via internet on both the ends. There are free VPN services available for milder uses while paid ones for exclusive purposes. Here are some of the must have features for a VPN service.

Different server Locations

The most primary feature should be that the VPN service should allow the user to assume an IP from different location options across the globe. This is because the VPN offers to secure the tunnel of connection between the device and the server, having an IP of a different location than actual can work for camouflage the device from the potential threats.

Kill switch

Having a kill switch as part of the VPN service can be a great relief while using one. None of the VPNs can be called for being fully secured. In case of network errors if the connection with the VPN tends to break down, the data can be exposed to the web pages and the related servers. A kill switch in such cases helps to terminate the ongoing data transfers and therefore protect the user data.

DNS server transformations

DNS or Domain Name System is one of the essential features of the search engine software. Its translations help in the process of directing the traffic to the user. Therefore, VPN services like Nord VPN are expected to safeguard the user device on the aspect of these translations. This will ensure that harmful content, malware or other prying eyes don’t reach the device in the horde of results.

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