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of Mosquitoes?


How to Get Rid The terms ‘mosquito’ and ‘midges’ and their derivatives are often used synonymously, however they are different insects that live in different parts of the world. The largest number of mosquitoes, or sand flies, are found in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sudan and Brazil, but there was an infection with one of the most dangerous diseases transmitted with their bites – leishmaniosis was recorded in more than 80 countries on 4 continents.

Mosquitoes are similar to midges in many ways, including in physiological structure, so they can be destroyed in the same ways. Any remedies and methods suitable for mosquitoes can be used by choosing how to get rid of midges and vice versa.

How to deal with mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes can be repelled or destroyed. Both of these approaches can be applied to:

  • Themselves
  • Houses/Premises
  • Land

Body Protection

To protect against mosquitoes, special products are suitable for application to the skin or clothing. They can be in the form of an aerosol, spray, cream, bracelets or clips on clothes.

When using the selected drugs, carefully read the instructions for its use and observe age restrictions. Most manufacturers in the product lines have products for both adults and children.

Disinfestation of the house from mosquitoes

To combat mosquitoes in the house, you can use insecticides for domestic use and fumigators of various principles of action. They are applied to surfaces in the home or turned on as needed.

A prerequisite for the fight against mosquitoes in the house are preventive measures.

  • Install small nets on the windows, vents and in the ventilation holes so that insects cannot get to you.
  • Monitor the state of sewerage and sewage, from time to time do preventive treatments with chemicals and quickly eliminate blockages – insects can penetrate the building through drains.
  • Adjust the balance of heat and humidity in the house – if they are excessive, mosquitoes and midges will begin to multiply right in your room, and not only fly there from the outside.

Destruction of mosquitoes on the site

In the area, mosquitoes can be controlled with the help of means to repel parasites in the open air and treat the breeding grounds of parasites. You can scare away insects in the open air by:

  • Combustible spirals from insects
  • Trap lamps
  • Mosquito lights
  • Rods from mosquitoes

If you do not want to independently develop a campaign to destroy mosquitoes, you can order pest Control Company in Singapore.

Singapore mosquito control treatments are carried out for apartments, houses, plots, open areas, buildings and structures for various purposes.

  • The method of processing is chosen individually for each situation, taking into account all the features of the room or terrain.
  • When processing buildings and premises as a whole, you get a guarantee for the service provided.
  • To kill mosquitoes, modern, certified means are used, whose smell is quickly weathered, but the insecticide itself continues to act on parasites.
  • Prices are on average 20% lower than market prices due to the purchase of drugs and equipment in bulk directly from manufacturers on exclusive terms.
  • Cooperation is possible both on the basis of one-time contracts and under contracts for long-term maintenance at more favourable prices than with single treatments.



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