Pest control SEO: Here’s an overview for local businesses

Man treating house for pest control. Professional exterminator in home kitchen.

Online marketing for pest control businesses is very underrated. Your business may offer the best pest control services in an area, but without online exposure, you are losing out to competitors. At a time when every other pest control company is looking at SEO and paid marketing to gain more leads, it’s foolish to believe that just word-of-mouth is enough to promote your business. In this post, we are discussing more about pest control SEO and how to get started. 

Start with your website

If your pest control company doesn’t have a website as yet, this could be a good point to start. Keep in mind that even the best websites must be redesigned after a period, so consider if the existing website needs a makeover. Your website should be mobile-responsive, easy to navigate, must have the right on-page SEO elements, and should include engaging content. Without a good website, your business can lose out on customers, no matter how much is spent on marketing. 

Know the SEO tools

When it comes to pest control marketing, there are several tools that can help in promoting your business. On the top of the list is Google My Business, and if you haven’t tried this service from Google yet, consider doing that on priority. Your Google My Business page should be updated and optimized to the best extent. For SEO, you need to research on keywords, and there are some amazing tools for keyword exploration. The Moz Keyword Explorer is a good example. Google Analytics is also immensely handy for SEO in general. 

Should you hire an agency?

Your company may specialize in pest control, but SEO is a niche job and requires expertise. You have the choice to hire an in-house team of marketing experts, but for small businesses, that hardly makes any economic sense. You should consider outsourcing to an agency that understands SEO and online marketing for pest control companies, and they can guide you at every step. If you are just hiring the company for SEO, you may have to pay a flat price for the term of the contract, or a monthly fee. Start by asking the agency if they can offer a free website audit and the range of services they offer. 

Besides SEO, you will need paid marketing and PPC at some point for your pest control company. Hiring an agency that can offer comprehensive marketing solutions is always an advantage. 

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