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Potential Risks of DIY Bathroom Remodeling


If you have a small bathroom at home but you still dream of having an aesthetically pleasing area where you can relax while taking a shower or getting ready by putting makeup on, you can still do some adjustments.

First thing that you can do is to have a paint-free bathroom makeover. If you’re living in a condo or apartment and your landlord tells you not to paint or change the colors of your bathroom walls, you can purchase peel and stick vinyl instead. These vinyl wallpapers that can be installed in your bathroom are convenient as they are easy to remove.

Next is you can install a vanity mirror or table inside your bathroom. This will serve as your area when you need to get ready. You can also store your cosmetic or skincare products inside the cabinet.

Spruce up your bathroom with plants. A few house plants will make your bathroom look brighter and feel cooler. It will also add to your relaxation while taking a bath.

If you have issues with your bathroom floors, there are now quick and reversible fixes for ugly bathroom floors. There are water-resistant vinyl floor cloth tiles, interlocking rubber floor tiles available in different types and colors. 

There are more things you can do in order to achieve your remodeled bathroom but note that there are potential risks too such as usage of low quality materials, no backup options, limited designs, and inappropriate budgeting.

To know more about these potential risks and be able to lessen the chances of having to experience these inconveniences, you can check out and read this infographic made by Duracare Baths.

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